After only a few months, President Trump has already signed an outstanding 41 bills into law.

For the most part, unless any of these laws went against their leftist agenda, the media hasn’t really covered the laws, at all.

President Trump | Photo Credit Variety As Trump has said, “I think probably seldom has any president and administration done more or had more success so early on, including a record number of resolutions to eliminate job-killing regulations.”

According to the numbers, both Trump and George H.W. Bush both signed about the same number of laws as of their first 150 days in office.

1. Trump used the Congressional Review Act to pass 15 laws which essentially fast-tracked the plan to reverse Obama-era regulations.
2. Thanks to the “U.S. Wants to Compete for a World Expo Act,” America is now back on track to host world expo. Part of this could lead to Minnesota hosting a world fair in 2023.
3. Defense Secretary James Mattis was granted immunity for old laws saying that he needed to be out of the military for seven years in order to work in government as the Secretary of Defense. Mattis had only been out for four years in total.
4. When government workers are forced to used ride options such as Uber or Lyft, they can now get reimbursed for their travel costs.
5. Law and Order actor Fred D. Thompson had a courthouse in Tennessee named after him.

Trump Laws Passed With Little Press

Donald Trump | Photo Credit Indian Express

Axios writes:

“Under the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, Trump established the Office of Accountability at the Department of Veteran Affairs with the intent to bring accountability back to the VA.”

“Senior officials in the Department now have the ability to fire employees who don’t meet expectations, and there are new protections for those who reveal wrongdoings within the agency.”

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