How Has the Robertson Family Influenced the 2016 Presidential Election?

They have many opinions and always like to share them!

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The Robertson’s reality show, Duck Dynasty, has catapulted the family’s views of Christian faith and political conservatism into the spotlight.  However, never before have these views been as influential as during this year’s presidential election.  Time and time again, Members of the Ducky Dynasty cast have come forward and proclaimed their support of traditional Republican values, including traditional marriage, Pro-life stances, and small government ideas.   Their home state, Louisianna, was once primarily made up of Democrats, but since Hurricane Katrina it has seen a shift to red, with six of seven House of Representative seats being filled by Republicans.

A House Divided

It all started in the primary, with a divided house.  The Robertsons, arguably the public face of American traditionalism, presented a divided front when it came to endorsing a primary Republican candidate.  Phil Robertson, the patriarch and original founder of Duck Commander, endorsed Ted Cruz in January of 2016.  He often stated in the media that he believed Cruz possessed the moral and religious convictions that Phil looked for in a candidate.  He urged his fans and their families to consider voting for Cruz, and stated he believed Cruz could help America return to a God-centered life. Robertson even appeared in an ad with Cruz while participating in his favorite hobby, hunting.

However, Willie Robertson the younger face of the Duck Dynasty brand, supported Trump

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adamantly.  In January of this year on Fox and Friends, Willie stated, “I love Trump!  How can you not love Trump!”  He went on to say he believed Trump’s message would excite the American people and elicit their support.  “The way he talks does resonate with people because he sounds like a real person,” he explained.  Willie is the current head of Duck Commander, the original Robertson family business.  He stated he supports Trump because he thinks he understands business and will help the economy greatly.  Willie told Fox and Friends, “He’s a business guy, I’m a business guy.”

When asked how Willie interpreted Trump’s often controversial statements, Willie referred to the characters in his own life.  “Believe me I have people in my family who are super passionate, and it comes out.”  Perhaps he’s talking about his own father, or even old Uncle Si!

Phil Says Politicians should, “Swallow Their Pride.”

Since the primaries have ended, Phil and Willie have joined forces in endorsing Donald Trump.  After Willie spoke at the RNC, Phil went on Fox and Friends stating “We have to be loyal to the party.”  When referring to both Hilary and Bernie he said, “I know their records.” When asked about his former endorsement Cruz’s speech at the Republican National Convention, Phil replied that Cruz was, “Not the most bubbly guy, but I love the dude,” and that other Republicans needed to “swallow their pride,” and endorse Trump as well.

The Youngest Generation Speaks Up

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Most interesting in the Robertson family endorsements, is that of the younger Dynasty member, Sadie Robertson.  Sadie stated to People Magazine, “This is super exciting to me because it’s my first time to vote!”  Originally she told People it was hard for her to make a decision but inevitably chose Trump.  “I guess I’m on the Trump train now!” she proclaimed. 

As the end of the election draws near it will be interesting to see if any other Robertson family members come forward to make public endorsements, but we think it’s safe to say who these conservative public figures will be casting their ballots for come November 8th!

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