Monday morning, the Republican presidential nominee proposed to cut “70-80 percent” of the federal regulations if he is to win the presidency. 

He said, “We want clean air, we want clean water. But we have, and you have, situations and regulations, which we’re gonna cut ― we will probably cut 70 to 80 percent of the regulations, OK?”

Trump vs EPA


Donald Trump told farmers in Florida that the EPA’s regulations are too much to handle. The EPA, he said, is a “total disaster” and the regulations “have been a total catastrophe.” Trump did clarify that he likes fresh air (does someone not?). He explained, “Look, we all believe in environment. I mean, my primary thing with the environment ― immaculate air, beautiful clean air, and crystal clean water. That’s it. Once you go beyond that, you start to lose all of us, OK?”

Trump has created the “contract with the American voter.”  He said that he would have two regulations repealed for each one that goes into effect.  

Cutting Regulations

It would be extremely difficult to repeal 70-80 percent of federal regulation. As a president, he could undo regulations established through executive action and weaken others by not enforcing them. However, most business regulations have been set up by Congress in laws like the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Congress controls those laws, not the President.

“Starving” Coal Barons

Trump is concerned that the nation’s coal barons are “practically starving” because of regulations. He explained, “I have friends that own the mines. I mean, they can’t live. The restrictions environmentally are so unbelievable where inspectors come two and three times a day, and they can’t afford it any longer and they’re closing all the mines. … It’s not going to happen anymore, folks. We’re going to use our heads.”

Trump’s campaign adviser Anthony Scaramucci said earlier that day that Trump would get rid of only 10 percent of regulations. He said, “We need regulation but immediately every agency will be asked to rate the importance of their regulations and we will push to remove 10 percent of the least important.”

Against Trump on Regulations

Jeff Homestead, an official for the EPA under George W. Bush said the goal was not understandable. He said, “You could reduce the number of regulations by 10 percent without accomplishing very much. I think it probably would be possible for a new administration to make changes that would reduce the cost of these programs by at least 10 percent while still maintaining essentially the same level of environmental protection.”

Trump will do what is necessary to improve economic growth and flow of capital, according to the adviser. Trump singled out one industry for reducing regulations. Scaramucci said, “Wall Street is not the devil. In fact we are at our best when (there) is harmony between Main Street and Wall Street and we hope to restore that.”

He added that Trump would look to reform the labor department, limiting banking industry, the Dod-Frank banking reforms, and the Volcker Rule.

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