Go figure: the FBI director who headed the case against Hillary refuses to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s emails. Instead, Comey told Congress  the realizations he had after the case closed, will not hold the power needed to change the outcome of the case.

Comey also refused to say whether or not Hillary lied in the testimony she gave to congress about her emails. He also said that his team has been requested by Congress to create a new probe. The questioning was another long session for Comey. He was bombarded by conservatives about the clarity of his vision into the case. The Republican council claims they see more to meets the eye, that Comey may be missing out on. Like many of us, they are having a hard time understanding why the FBI cleared Clinton so quickly. It’s obvious they have missed very important information regarding the case.

What Did Comey Say About the Emails

According to the director’s remarks in July, Clinton did in fact mess with top secret information that she should not have been involved in. He also stated that there was no way the charges that would be implied would be strong enough to do anything. The main reason is because he could not prove anything; Hillary was intelligent enough to understand the risks she was taking. He also declared that she may not even understand the entire system she was operating altogether. Even though she was and still is a key player in the security of the nation, Hillary gets off for charges, based on pure stupidity. I know that sounds harsh, but that’s the reality of it to me.

Comey said, even though new aspects of the case have come to light, they’re not enough to open the case back up. According to him, he hasn’t seen any information that would come to bring charges against the presidential nominee. Something else about the case, Comey did dispute the previous claims that Clinton has been truthful to the public about the situation. That sounds like a very nice reframe, instead of flat out saying that Hillary has lied to the public. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Did Hillary Lie About the Emails?

Did Combetta Coverup for HillaryIf Hillary will lie about one thing, she’ll likely lie about other things. And if Comey is correct about the security breach not being severe enough to bring up charges, then why did Hillary lie about it in the first place? Imagine what happens when something extreme happens. What end will she go to in order to keep her little secret then?

Lawmakers involved in the case are genuinely looking at the immunity agreements that have been granted to Hillary’s personal aides. They begged the question as to what investigators were thinking when they handed out so many different immunities. Comey replied that it was the justice department that handed out the immunities, not the FBI.

He said they wanted to look into Clinton’s laptop, so they offered the act of production immunity to Mills. That meant she couldn’t be prosecuted for anything not found on the computer. He also said the investigation was standard procedure and no strange process took place.

Along with that, Comey further defended their stand giving Mills immunity and allowing her to sit in as Clinton’s Lawyer. He did admit that Mills’ standing in as Hillary’s attorney was a unique event, like nothing he had ever seen before. But his agents had zero power of decision as to who Hillary could bring in on the case.

Did Comey Know More About the Investigation?

Apparently Comey already knew that his agents knew about all the information the press would receive in the last few weeks. He suspected the Republicans would be shocked. After all, it was the FBI who released a majority of the notes that were made public.

There was another important piece of information that Comey was not aware of until after the case was closed. He later heard about a remark that Paul Combetta made on Reddit.

Did Combetta Coverup for Hillary?

Apparently Combetta clearly called the deletion of Hillary’s emails a “coverup operation.” The tech manager also asked the fellow users on the website for help in stripping out a VIP’s email address from a list of emails that had been archived. Also, Comey said that Combetta was given immunity so investigators could get more information from him about deleted messages. The FBI said no such order was given.

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