no new dealsTrump is giving up control on all his businesses to his two youngest son while he is sitting as POTUS. Photo credit: Town & Country Magazine

Once again, Donald Trump proves he’s a man of his word. In a move to back his promise regarding conflicts of interest while President, Donald Trump promised there will be “no new deals” for the Trump Organization while he’s in office.

The announcement came after the postponement of a press conference, meant to explain his transition plans into the White House. Word is, the conference has moved to January 19, 2017. This should allow the transitioning team to better prepare a complete plan, ensuring there is no conflict of interest during Trump’s presidency.

As Trump strategist and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, noted, “Trump’s case is a unique one.”

While most presidents move from one political position to another, this time, we have a successful business mogul. And he’s demonstrating deep integrity, as he moves into America’s highest position of power.

But is there more going on?

Trump Criticism and Suggestions

conflict of interest“No new deals” for the business is President-elect Donald Trump’s vow to avoid conflict of interest. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Democrats see the delay as an opportunity, along with other Trump critics trying to spin the president-elect as corrupt and a liar. Of course, neither group is truly listening to what he has planned.

Despite the cries from detractors, early Trump supporters and leading surrogates are backing the president-elect’s decision. And they have ideas to offer. 

One suggestion from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, is for Trump to push through with his plan for turning over his company to his adult children. This would include setting up an independent panel of three to five people who would review the Trump Organization records monthly.

By showing these monthly reports to the public, Trump can easily prove he is not using the presidency to his advantage. So what does this mean for his heirs?

Trump Legacy Plans

no conflict of interestDonald Sr. is transferring all business controll of all Trump Group assets to Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. Ivanka will move to Washington with her husband. Photo credit: Sorry4TheBlog

As of now, the main plan is for Donald Trump to surrender all control of any Trump Organization assets to his two adult sons: Donald Jr. and Eric Trump.

There is no mention on any of these assets going to his oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner is one of the president-elect’s closest advisers.

Jared and Ivanka are considering a move to Washington when Trump takes his seat in the White House. 

To make his commitment to this plan clear, Trump pointed out that he has turned down “billions of dollars of deals.” He specified, “Seven deals with one big player, a great player, last week, because I thought it could be perceived as a conflict of interest.”

Further explaining the delay of the press conference, Conway stressed that it would be far more complicated to present a plan that was not yet ready. But the press conference, she reiterated, would still answer the same questions. Wisdom at work — now that’s refreshing. 

What is your opinion of Donald Trump’s integrity? 

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