While North Korea recently backed-away from threats to target military bases in Guam, they have not gone away. A recently released U.N. report indicates they may be partnering with a dangerous ally. Also, Kim Jong-Un’s latest propaganda video shows President Trump in the graveyard and Vice-President Pence burning alive. AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac

According to Reuters, two shipments from the DPPK to Syria’s government agency responsible for chemical weapons have been intercepted in the last six months. A 37-page report from the U.N. Security Council did not indicate when the shipments were seized or what they specifically contained. However, chemical weapons are suspected.

“The panel is investigating reported prohibited chemical, ballistic missile, and conventional arms cooperation between Syria and the DPRK (North Korea),” the experts wrote in the 37-page report. North Korea has a history of working with dangerous partners. A Pentagon report released in May suggested that Iran is sharing submarine and missile technology with Pyongyang.

Currently, the U.S is conducting war games with South Korea. The 10-day Ulchi Freedom Guardian military exercises are conducted annually and are defensive. Pyongyang issued a statement on the drills saying, “The Trump group’s declaration of the reckless nuclear war exercises against the DPRK … is a reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war.”

Photo credit: The Australian

Kim Jong-Un also released another propaganda video in response to the games. In the film, President Trump is depicted looking out over a graveyard filled with crosses in Guam. The gruesome video also aimed VP Pence, showing him engulfed in flames. A statement followed the video on KCNA state-controlled media:

“Trump spouted rubbish that if a war breaks out, it would be on the Korean Peninsula, and if thousands of people die, they would be only Koreans and Americans may sleep a sound sleep.”

KCNA wrote on Tuesday it would be ready to stage “ruthless” retaliation against South Korea and the U.S., according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency


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