BREAKING: Democrats Just Got EXPOSED For The Biggest Lie Yet…


Taxes for Thee–But Not for Me

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That seems to be the motto of liberal politicians and celebrities. For months, they have obsessed over Donald Trump’s tax returns–questioning his ethical fitness to be president. Yet, the recently revealed fact that he paid $38 million in taxes in 2005 hasn’t slowed them down.

Their constant prattling over Trump’s tax returns reveals their fifty shades of hypocrisy. Democrats are notoriously guilty of not paying taxes. In fact, several of them owe millions of dollars in federal and state taxes. Let’s take the infamous Reverend Al Sharpton for example.

Sharpton currently has outstanding tax liens totaling $4.5 million. The professional race-baiter and protest instigator, previously said that Republicans are takers who “give tax cuts and loopholes to the rich and act like it’s acceptable.”

Now I am not a CPA, but I’d  think you would have to pretty wealthy to owe almost $5 million in taxes especially since you obviously kept that money. Not surprisingly, Sharpton is not alone. He is joined by many others including MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry.

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Perry and her husband were hit with a $70,000 tax lien in 2013. That of course came after her bully pulpit speech declaring that paying into the collective pot was our…

“Duty as Citizens”

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Adding to the hyprocrisy, and topping the list of tax evaders, are none other than George Soros and Hillary Clinton. Soros has used “legal avenues available to him” to avoid paying almost $7 billion in taxes since 2008. 

The Clinton Foundation had to refile five-year’s worth of returns, after significant errors were discovered. Turns out, the foundation under-reported millions in donations from foreign governments. While there is no doubt that some Democrats would rather this information just go away, it won’t.

They should at least try to spend less time worrying about President Trump’s taxes and start paying their own. Millions of hard-working Americans would most assuredly appreciate that a whole lot more. Especially when their President has paid more than his “fair-share.”


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