For young Trump supporters, the university campus is no longer a safe space. Those who wish to silence common sense and ideas for a greater America, endanger them. 

Election joy waned for the University of Michigan in Ann-Arbor’s conservative students, when left-leaning students immediately “mourned” the results. Liberal students held a vigil and some professors cancelled classes, so liberal students could grieve. Judgement of conservative students quickly followed.

Outraged college Republicans said it was unfair for liberal students and members of the faculty, to act as if their ideology was superior to their conservative counterparts. And for some students on the receiving end of the melodrama, the attacks got personal. 

More Than Race and Gender

conservative studentsAmanda Delekta, political director of College Republicans in University of Michigan. Image Source: The New York Times

Since the election, left-leaning students have continued to call Republicans names. Students like Amanda Delekta have fought off numerous personal attacks.

One student reportedly asked Delekta why she hadn’t voted for Hillary Clinton, as she was also a white woman.

In response, Delekta explained that she is more than just her race and gender. She felt Trump was the best representative of what America should be, and voted accordingly.

Enrique Zalamea, is the president for College Republicans at the University of Michigan, and one of the conservative students who agreed with Delekta. He has heard the liberal accusations of racism, bigotry, and misogyny — simply because students voted for Trump.

Young Republicans note that progressives are unable to separate Trump’s personality from the issues. 

Zalamea says his decision to vote for Trump was issues-based. He agreed with the president-elect on his stands on the national economy, national security, and freedom of speech. Issues of substance. 

Safe Space for Conservative Students

With how liberals have treated them, Delekta and other Republicans on the campus believe that they need a “safe space.” Somewhere they can freely express their support for the president-elect.

Although the term, “safe space” originated with progressive liberals, university Republicans have adopted the term to defend their freedom of expression — because it has become dangerous to share their views. 

conservative studentsEric Zalamea, president of College Republicans at the University of Michigan. Image Source; The New York Times

Courageous Conservatives

Young liberals belly-ache that “democracy has died in the United States of America.” But Delekta refutes such nonsense. “Democracy is more alive than ever. Simply, the American people voted and Trump won,” she explains.

Amanda and other brave conservative students are facing ridiculous backlash, and are currently on the forefront of defending traditional, conservative American values for our next generations.

Though attacked, accused, and ambushed, courageous young conservatives stand firmly, believing Trump can bring the change America needs. Supporting our future president, they will help make America great again.

Do you or your children have a story about conservative treatment at a university? 

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