Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, recently added to his wife’s inflammatory denigration of Donald Trump supporters. Hillary called the Trump base a “basket of deplorable” who are “irredeemable.” Now he’s trying to claim he’s a redneck. I’d like to see him explain that one to Phil Robertson. 

Bill Clinton said,

“The other guy’s base is what I grew up in. I’m basically your standard redneck.”

So apparently, you can add redneck to “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamphobic…” list of people that the Democrats are calling Trump supporters.

Funny thing is, they are using the term redneck as a slam. It just goes to show you that they really don’t have any idea who Americans are. Or maybe they do. And that in itself is the problem. Redneck isn’t necessarily a bad word. That is, unless you’re a political elitist.

Some of the best people I know consider themselves rednecks. They are hard working southerners, that love God, and would die for their country. That’s the definition of a redneck in my book. They don’t ask for anything. You could say they are the last vestiges of our American heritage.

Pioneers were the original rednecks. Bill Clinton is no pioneer.

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, is a proud example of a redneck. A successful entrepreneur, someone who can live off the land, and has scrapped out a good life under hard circumstances.

Robertson not only sees rednecks in a different light than Bill Clinton, but politics as well. Instead of putting America in a basket of deplorables, he’d prefer to lead them to the cross.

“My thinking is a little different from most people’s. I don’t think it’s a political fix we need… it’s a spiritual fix. You look at all these inner cities across the country, it is all so sinful and we’re weighted down by our sins, and our politicians are just a reflection of us.”

Fixing the county, according to Phil Robertson, is going to take a lot more than anything Bill or Hillary has to offer.

“We’ve pretty well run God out of the entertainment business, and run God out of our universities, and we’ve run God out of the news media, and Washington, D.C. could use a dose of Him themselves, know what I mean?” Phil recently said in an interview.

How does Donald Trump feel about having a redneck like Phil Robertson and his family support him?

In a word, honored.

“Wow! Such a great honor to have Phil’s endorsement. His son, Willie, has become a great friend of my son, Don. What a great family.” Donald Trump

There’s a lot of name calling going on this election. However, it’s the first time I’ve heard the politicians attack the voters along with the candidate.

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