“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans. Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay.”

That’s the new theme of the Donald Trump campaign.

PJMedia (PJM) reported from a Trump and Pence rally in Fredericksburg, Va and got a first hand view of what the Trump supporters considered to be Trumps winning message.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared. Don’t just go along with the status quo — see what’s going on. I think there’s an awakening that’s about to happen for African-Americans that they are really going to truly see what type of demonstrative machine that has been going on within the Democratic Party and, again, it’s not about politics anymore. It’s about really seeing the principles and the issues that have been hurting all of us — black, white, red, brown, yellow — it’s been hurting all of us,” said one rally attendee.

trump bikers

The report says that last year the Obama administration released 19,723 illegal immigrants.

These were not your nannies, hotel maids or waiters at your favorite ethnic restaurant. These were people with criminal records. However, the current policy is to release them back into our communities.

PJM asked ‘Biker’s for Trump’ if ‘The Donald’ should focus on issues other than immigration in hopes to gain support from independent and moderate Democrats.

“By all means, illegal immigration is one of the biggest talking points of ‘Bikers for Trump’ because the bikers want to see a wall built. They want Syrian refugees vetted. It doesn’t make us racist. It makes us patriots.

“We have to fortify our own boundaries.”

“Liberals don’t want us to police the world but by the same token they want us to be the hotel for the world,” said Chris, a member of “Bikers for Trump” from South Carolina.

When a Pakistan woman named Hannah said that she welcomed Trump’s focus on Syrian refugees. She expressed a desire of Christians both in the U.S and in countries where Christians are oppressed and slaughtered. She “hopes the GOP nominee will help Christian refugees.”

“There are some refugees from Muslim countries that are Christians and I know they are sitting outside in Thailand, in Sri Lanka, and there are thousands.

So I don’t know if Trump is going to do that or what will happen with those Christian refugees that are sitting there, and it’s been months and they are sitting there,” she said.

If more media outlets like PJM would cover these rallies, show the crowds and actually listen to what they have to say, the world would get a better picture of who Donald Trump truly is, and perhaps just as important–who is electing him.

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