In times of disaster, it is very easy to get lost in the stress of the situation. As Hurricane Irma approaches the Florida peninsula with winds of 155 mph, tensions are rising. But, during what could be a catastrophic emergency, kindness is shining through. Just as we have seen in Texas over the last two weeks, the American spirit is alive in well in Florida.


Posted by Nancy Alvarez, WFTV on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pam Brekke lives in Sanford, Florida. Brekke’s elderly father is on oxygen, and a power outage could prove fatal for him. As forecast tracks narrowed in on Florida, she went frantically searching for a generator. Finding one in Orlando, Brekke made the 30-mile trip. However, when she arrived at Lowe’s, she found the last one was gone.

While breaking down in tears, she met Ramon Santiago.

Santiago had the generator Brekke desperately needed. Seeing her obvious despair, he gave her the one he had. “She needs the generator,” Santiago told WFTV. “It’s OK. No worry for them.” Overwhelmed by his kindness, Brekke cried and hugged Santiago.

“I’m very overwhelmed by that man,” Brekke told reporter Nancy Alvarez. “That gentleman was a great gentleman right there. God will bless that man.” Alvarez also shed a few tears when she shared the story. Hard not to cry, seeing the better angels of human nature, isn’t it?

Fortunately, this isn’t the only uplifting story. No doubt you know by now, millions are evacuating. For those staying and going, gas shortages are a concern. Also, water is in scarce supply. But again, people and businesses are stepping-up.

Photo credit: Palm Coast Observer

Florida Governor, Rick Scott, is ordering police escorts for fuel tankers. With the interstates gridlocked, Florida Highway Patrol is providing the trucks with safe passage to stations along evacuation routes. Additionally, to help those in need of storage for personal belongings, U-Haul is coming to the rescue.

U-Haul Companies of Clearwater, Eastern Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, North Orlando, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa and Western Florida have made 96 facilities across 54 cities available to offer the 30 days free disaster relief assistance program. For a full list of locations participating in the program, click here.

Photo credit: Facebook

Chick-fil-A is pitching in too. Seeing a need for water in the community, the company is filling personal containers for anyone who needs it. De Bine Brewing Company, is also lending a helping hand. “If you have the means to help-out the community in a time of need then you should,” said co-owner Ben Nichols.



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