The Democrat’s fabricated Russia story has dominated the news and hampered President Trump’s first seven months in office. Despite a lack of credible evidence, Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently convened a grand jury in Washington to continue investigating the lies. But, a newly leaked phone call from award-winning journalist (and liberal lackey), Seymour Hersh may just be the proof we’ve been waiting for.

Photo credit: Center for News Literacy

In a profanity-laced phone call, which was leaked and uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 1, Hersh details insider information he obtained from his contacts at the FBI and the Washington, D.C. Police Department. In the phone call, and contrary to what Democrats have stated, Hersh confirms the DNC emails were not leaked.

Rather, they were hacked and then given to WikiLeaks-by none other than Seth Rich. If you recall, Rich was found dead outside his D.C. apartment complex back in July. His murder, which remains unsolved, has been reduced to a “robbery gone wrong.” However, none of Rich’s personal belongings were missing from the crime scene.

Rumors quickly began circulating that Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Evidence found on his laptop, appeared to have suggested as much. The family’s private investigator, Rod Wheeler, believed there was a cover-up as well. But, that story, and Wheeler, were almost immediately silenced by MSM and the DNC.

Photo credit: Newsweek

The phone call not only renews questions about Rich’s death, but it also appears to confirm that the Russia debacle was an orchestrated effort perpetrated by the U.S. intelligence community. Hersh specifically pointed the finger at former CIA Director, John Brennan. Hersh asserted that Brennan, along with NSA Director, Mike Rogers, purposely mislead the press about who was responsible for the “hacking.”

Unfortunately, while Hersh’s admissions appear to exonerate President Trump and convict the left, the damage has already been done. We’ll have to wait and see how long it takes for Robert Mueller to listen-or how long it takes for Seymour Hersh to disappear-whichever comes first. We can only hope Hersh doesn’t meet the same fate as everyone else who has spoken out against the leftist machine.


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