As he continues to fill Cabinet positions, Donald Trump is focused on making America safe again. His newest nominee knows all too well the cost of war. This man is a proven leader and the father of a fallen soldier.

Meet retired Marine General John Kelly.

Former General, Forever a Soldier

Gen. John F. Kelly Source Credit: DoDGen. John F. Kelly
Source Credit: DoD

In 1970, General John F. Kelly began his military career in the Marines. Honorably discharged in 1972 at the rank of sergeant, he enrolled at University of Massachusetts to complete his BA. Following his graduation in 1976, he returned to the Marine Corps as a second lieutenant.

Over the years, Kelly moved up through the military ranks, spending service time aboard both the USS Forrestal and USS Independence. As Lt. General, he led Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North from 2009-2011.

Kelly moved on to become Senior Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense in 2011-12. He ended his military career in January 2016, as Commander of the United States Southern Command (USSC).

Numerous awards were pinned to Kelly’s military uniform, including the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, and Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.

Understanding the Cost of War

The cost of war is all too familiar for General Kelly. His youngest son, 1st Lt. Robert Michael Kelly, only 29 years-old, was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, after stepping on a land mine.

Source Credit: heavy.comSource Credit:

Still grieving the loss of his son, General Kelly speaking in St. Louis said, “We are in a life-and-death struggle, but not our whole country. One percent of Americans are touched by this war. Then there is a much smaller club of families who have given all.”

He also noted the anger many combat veterans feel about opponents of war. “They hold in disdain those who claim to support them but not the cause that takes their innocence, their limbs, and even their lives,”

Securing the borders is both necessary and personal to John Kelly.

Securing the Southern Border

As USSC Commander, Kelly worked tirelessly with Homeland Security to stop the trans-national organized crime, plaguing America’s Southern border. As Secretary of Homeland Security he is likely to harden his stance.

John Kelly has years of valuable experience and close ties with Latin America’s allies. His intimate knowledge of Central and South America will aid him in executing Trump’s terrorism and immigration agendas.

Donald Trump’s choices are raising eyebrows, as they should. We want our enemies, at home and abroad, to be curious. We want them to be afraid. For eight years, they have gotten away with murder. Trump and his Generals are going to end their reign of terror and brutality. There is no greater loss in a war than lives sacrificed in vain.

Do you think General John Kelly can secure our borders? Tell us in the comments.

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