The GOP Healthcare Bill Made 3 Mistakes…


Newt Gingrich Discusses GOP Mistakes

Newt Gingrich | Photo Credit Fox News

On Hannity, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discusses why the GOP Health Care Bill failed. First of all, Hannity said, they rolled out a bill without showing anyone what was in the bill.

Newt Gingrich replied:

“In my newsletter, I outlined exactly the mistakes that were made. This was an astonishing failure to follow what Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher taught us, and to follow what we did so successfully with the contract with America Congress.”

Three Reasons The Bill Failed

“First, you have to win the argument in the country. These guys were talking “process,” and the Democrats were talking “health care.” Process never wins in a debate with the American people. They don’t care. That’s not their job.”

“Second, you have to have something people believe in and something they can understand. It cannot be so complicated that no one understands it except for technical wonks…”

“Third, you cannot write a bill—and I’m very worried they’re going to go back and do this again—designed around the very arcane Senate Recognition Rule, and around the Congressional Budget Officer’s totally fake scoring and get anything that you can explain to the American people.”

Gingrich believes that if you designed the right bill for America, then it would be possible to also get Democratic support. In his newsletter, he also described a plan to bring this bill back the right way.

Looking To The Future

President Trump | Photo Credit Associated Press

Republicans need to write a bill that is popular and well communicated, in order to the win the argument. Americans want better health care at a lower cost that will help their families. This new bill needs to take nothing more into consideration.

Otherwise, failure is possible again. USA Today reports:

“Is this a matter of personnel or of structure? That is, are Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just bad at what they do, so that replacing them would solve the problem? Or is the real problem the constellation of interest groups in Washington, a web of special interests (to use Mancur Olson’s phrase) that makes real progress impossible? Or is it something else?”

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