There’s no debating Melissa Rauch’s alter-ego, Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, is one of the most vivid characters of our favorite sitcom. A natural beauty with supernatural charisma, coupled with an amazing acting ability are the undeniable advantages for this actress. Here are three other reasons for her success.


  1. She brings her own formula of success.

Who would have a thought that by the release of the third season this epic actress would become one of the key characters? No one but herself! Her success formula is pretty much, keeping faith in yourself in spite of everything, multiplied by outstanding talent. Our lovingly called, Bernalissa revealed her comic talent in her early childhood, so those who think she’d overly confident, have to confess their mistake after her successful roles and awesome acting as Francine in the breakneck “Ice Age”.

  1. Rauch shows versatility in Bernadette’s role.

It`s impossible to overestimate the importance of The Big Bang Theory as an element of her success. The sitcom proved to be an impetus to the actress for self-improvement and spiritual growth. It’s said, the ability to play any musical instrument enriches the soul. It’s even better if it comes in handy in your career and professional life. Believe it or not, Melissa Rauch learned to play the harp for her role in The Big Bang Theory. Which, we might guess, is not an easy task.

  1. Bernalissa uses her voice as an asset!

The way Bernalissa talks in the sitcom has been discussed by anyone who’s paid even little attention to it. It’s a well-known fact the voice of Bernadette is pretty much the same as the voice of Rauch`s mother – she has never tried to hush or hide this fact, she uses it.

Everyone wants to mimic her funny squeak – you, your friends, relatives and famous (or young and upcoming) comics. But the real success is using this tone while not annoying anyone with each word you utter. And Melissa Rauch does exactly that!

Not to be dismissed as talent falling at her feet from the sky – this beautiful and persistent gal worked hard in order to get rid of her mom`s heavy New Jersey`s accent. It was a risky call, as initially, the show didn`t demand anything of this sort from her. It was completely Melissa`s own initiative which totally justified itself. Today, Bernalissa is not another “mediocre actress” but the “chick-to-adore,” an almost cult figure of sorts.      

I’d say her success formula is working and one worth following: Keep faith n yourself, choose to be versatile, and use what comes naturally.      

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