Eugene Can’t Be Found In Season 8 Trailer

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer just hit Comic Con in San Diego and there are a lot of predictions that can be made based on the trailer, the comic book, and some other online fan prediction after Season 7 of the AMC series.

As such, as have “21 Predictions for Season 8 On The Walking Dead” based on the initial trailer from Comic Con. There’s no sign of Eugene in the new trailer, other than the fact that his ideas on the walker fence were implemented.

So he either got a promotion or got killed…

Eugene’s Improved Walker Fence

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Eugene’s walker fence has some major improvement. Last year, in Season 7, Negan literally had walkers falling apart on the fence. Now, despite the fact that the walkers are actually more rotten than before, the fence is sturdier.

Not only do they still have the chains and spikes for the walker fence, but Eugene’s idea to put a metallic mold on their heads and upper body (similar to Winslow in the Heapster dump) is keeping them strong.

Perhaps Eugene got a promotion for his hard work.

Dwight Stands Alone At The Gate

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Then again, it’s odd we don’t see anything else to do with Eugene in the trailer. The trailer mostly shows the good guys, but we also see a few instances of Dwight, Simon, and a few other Saviors moving about.

Eugene, on the other hand, doesn’t appear even for a moment. This could be because he’s locked up somewhere after Sasha’s death. Since he had already told Negan how to improve the walker fence, they could have done that without him.

But when we see Dwight on the walkie, Eugene is nowhere to be found. This could be because Negan has decided to lock him or put him on some sort of probationary period for Sasha’s death.

Negan can’t prove that Eugene was involved, but he’s never needed proof before.

Do you think Negan will kill Eugene when the series returns?

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