The Emotional Reason To Hide The Baby

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

There’s an emotional and functional reason why audiences will never actually see Howard and Bernadette’s baby and it’s all about Howard’s mom. Last season, little Halley was born, but fans were quickly disappointed, as they never saw the child.

They did, however, hear the baby’s cries, which is a lot like Howard’s mom on the show, as we never saw her, but did hear her yells at her son. In a way, this is meant to honor a fallen character.

Carol Ann Susi, who played Howard’s mom, Debbie Wolowitz, sadly passed away in 2014 and the series is playing tribute to her by not showing the baby.

Honoring Mrs. Wolowitz Actress Carol Ann Susi


The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Steven Molaro, who works on The Big Bang Theory, also said that it solved some problems on set, as having a baby on set can cause major complications. Some of those involve crying while others simply include logistics of long days.

Molaro said, “She is a loving tribute to her grandmother. This is a nice way for us to keep [Mrs. Wolowitz] alive. It also means we don’t have to have a baby on the set, so it solved a lot of problems.”

Most series only have an actual baby on set as little as possible.

Coming Up With A Name For The Baby

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

ET Online writes:

“Bernadette sweetly offered to name their little girl after Howard’s late mother, Debbie, but the couple decided it wasn’t the right fit. “She would have been the best grandma,” Howard said fondly while on the verge of tears.”

“By the end of the episode, Howard excitedly announced to their patiently waiting group of friends that their bundle of joy had safely arrived in the world — complete with a sweetly scientific name! “We have named her Halley,” Howard gushed to the gang.”

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