ICE Quietly Confirms Arrests

Ice Officers | Photo Credit CNC3 Last week, immigration officials quietly announced that they had detained at least 367 individuals across several raids in a single day. One example happened when 153 individuals in South Texas were arrested during a 12-hour investigation.

Another 75 illegals were arrested in a three-day operation in North Texas, and 82 more in Virginia and Maryland. In New York, another 31 illegals were picked up and on Thursday, 26 illegals were detained in Colorado.

ICE raids now occur on a daily basis.

Removing Criminals From Streets

Illegal Immigrants | Photo Credit Immigrations Helpers

According to Fusion:

“The agency said the operations focused on arresting “criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives.” These talking points are similar to the ones ICE used during the Obama administration to justify deportations, except now we know that was misleading: people without records were also detained and deported. And now the Trump administration is using that same line to conduct what appears to be more raids more often.

“Indeed, in at least one region of the country where raids were conducted last week, a majority of immigrants detained were charged with non-violent offenses. Each press release sent out last week highlighted the violent and horrific crimes carried about by some of the people arrested. There were individuals convicted of rape, sex trafficking, and child abuse, ICE said.”

Immigration Groups Protests Arrests

Illegal Refugees | Photo Credit Dark Horse News

With this success, some immigration groups have gathered in protest:

“Salem Acuña of Mijente, a social justice network, said a U.S. crackdown on undocumented immigrants ramped up under President Obama and now continues under President Donald Trump. “What we’re seeing is actually a lot of the same, not any less, and not any worse, just more boldly, and more publicly, and more unapologetically,” Acuña said.

“People suspected of being in this country illegally should be entitled to due process, said Acuña, who condemned ICE program 287(g), under which police officers can receive training similar to that of immigration officers. There are many myths about crime and undocumented immigrants, Acuña said, and he and others are working to dispel those myths.”

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