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There is nobody better to explain the horrors of war than a veteran who has lived through it. While opinions have varied on the dropping of the MOAB on terrorists in Afghanistan, there is one man with an important message for those who disagree. His name is Johnny Jones, a Marine corps veteran from Georgia, who lives every day with a reminder of his time in Afghanistan.

Perhaps we should say he lives without, as a reminder every day–Jones lost both legs after stepping on IED. Jones joined the military right after high school and served eight years with tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He had one of the most dangerous jobs there is working as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician. It was his job to locate and disarm IED’s.

After the bombing of ISIS, Jones posted a message on Twitter that has since gone viral, that both congratulated President Trump and subtly blamed Obama:

“I lost my legs because my gov’t was afraid to use the tools they had and saw me as expendable. I wish I’d had this admin.”

While the comment received a lot of praise from veterans and non-veterans alike, Jones also received…

Harsh Criticism

Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan (Photo credit: Daily Mail)

With people like Elizabeth Warren holding press conferences questioning the need to bomb ISIS, it is no wonder so many people are misguided about the real dangers of radical Islam. Jones was mocked by several social media users, some of whom referred to him as “Lieutenant Dan.” Lt. Dan was the double amputee character played by actor Gary Sinise in “Forest Gump.”

Others pressed Jones to “clarify his comments,” which he had no problem doing. 

“Because, I believe, more of us would’ve come home alive and whole if we’d used bombs to eradicate enemy safe havens-Feel free to disagree.”

Unfortunately, liberals have refused to accept that is was Obama’s inaction that has forced President Trump to take action. Even sadder, is the fact that anyone would insult the men and women who have fought and sacrificed so much on the front lines.

Maybe if they stopped whining and started listening, they could actually learn something from these heroes.




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