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Photo Credit: Andrea Mitchell, the chief foreign affairs correspondent for MSNBC, traveled to Russia this week to attend a press conference with Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and Russian officials. She quickly found out that President Trump isn’t the only one that is fed-up with the rude and abrupt style of journalists. Mitchell was quite surprised when Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, scolded her bad behavior.

As the presser began. Mitchell started shouting out questions to Tillerson regarding the Russians denial of U.S. intelligence concerning the recent chemical attack in Syria, asking:

“Mr. Secretary, the Russians don’t believe the intelligence, how confident are you, Mr. Secretary—?”

Before she could complete her question, Lavrov stopped her in her tracks and angrily asked her in English “who was bringing you up?” He followed that admonishment up by asking Mitchell “who was giving you your manners, you know?” Both Lavrov and Mitchell were visibly frustrated by the encounter.

Earlier in the week, Mitchell sharply criticized Tillerson for not including the press when he makes major diplomatic trips. She was obviously alluding to Tillerson’s recent trip to North Korea where he only allowed one reporter, from International Journal Review, to accompany him on the trip. However, this isn’t the first-time Mitchell has found herself in…

Hot Water

Rex Tillerson | Photo Credit New Yorker

Back in March, Mitchell was escorted out of the White House for attempting to question Tillerson once again about Russia and Trump. Tillerson was meeting with the Ukraine Foreign Minister when Mitchell also attempted to ask questions about China and missile defense systems in South Korea shouting:

“Mr. Secretary, China has said there will be consequences for the deployment now of anti-missile defenses in South Korea, can you respond?”

Between concerns over intelligence leaks, Mitchell’s bad manners, and the inability of MSNBC to tell a factual story, it is certainly no wonder why mainstream media isn’t trusted. And, President Trump obviously isn’t alone in his frustrations. But hey, at least they appear to be equal opportunity offenders, right?


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