Widespread rioting and a growing divide between the elite 0.01 percent funding the Clinton campaign against the rest of America. This is the bleak arena in the national landscape as we go into the presidential debates this week. This is just a sliver of the disparity left behind after eight years of Democratic negligence. It’s an easygoing attitude towards big corporations that end up hurting the little guy. All the while pretending to stand up for the little guy. It is an approach that favours no one but the politicians pedalling them. In this case President Obama and his Crooked side-kick Hillary.

.Under this guise of corruption, it is Donald Trump who will take back the White House. Why? In order to lay down a new government that serves you, your family and the country. A government that will ensure jobs and safety to all citizens white, black, latino, blue, or purple. It’s this pledge of jobs, safety and security that Donald Trump holds most closely to his heart. And he means it.  This is a message to all inner city Americans who can’t make ends meet. While facing dangers that come with living in any of America’s innumerable cities, Donald Trump will fight for you.

Trump has the ability and the decency to empathize with his fellow American men and women. Hillary, on the other hand, has a 30-year legacy of effortlessly dismissing millions of Americans. These are the Americans who expected change from Obama but instead got peanuts. Change which Democrats have repeatedly failed to deliver on and ignore to this very day.

Trump knows that it is extremely vital to work with the police, not against them, in order to solve the problems that occur when events of extreme stress arise on the field, coupled with insufficient training due to lack of funding. While expressing deep respect for the police and the men and women that serve this nation day in and day out, Donald Trump has made a stand against lawlessness. As Mr. Trump suggests, the recent riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, are the effects of class warfare that are designated to pit Americans against each other.

One of Clinton’s favourite narratives to spin, as she continues to do so, is to promote a landscape of racist cops who are systematically killing innocent African-American folk. A sharp contrast from when she didn’t need their vote, instead calling them ‘super-predators’. Refusing to urge calm and dialogue, she openly supports thugs who are destroying local shops and businesses. While Clinton may be pedaling her own story to buy the black vote, the evidence demonstrates an entirely different picture. As investigative journalist Heather Mac Donald, (a Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor of City Journal) reports 50 percent of fatal police shooting victims are white, while only 26 percent are black.

Some say that due to the fact that blacks make up only 13 percent of the population, the numbers demonstrate a racial bias against them; but this is not the case when considering that overall 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the nations 75 biggest counties are performed by black individuals against other low-income and marginalized individuals.

These low income, black and latino citizens want safety and prosperity for their families, as they are suffering the brunt of the damage that is incurred during these riots, along with their daily lives, their local businesses, shops and persons. It’s comforting to drum up racial tension while thousands of people die each year in Chicago’s inner cities, sitting comfortably from a New York mansion, watching these irredeemable and destructive acts take place, as Hillary seems to do. Alone, poor, low-income underdog families are not a concern for the Democratic candidate. Then again the Democratic party has a history of undermining minorities and supporting racism.

Trump plans to rebuild broken inner-cities Trump plans to rebuild broken inner-cities

The infamous question asked by Donald trump “what do you have to lose?” posed to struggling black and latino families is poignant, what do these inner city families, wallowing in severe poverty due to failed liberal policies and lack of opportunities, have to lose?

It’s not just cleaning up the streets and employing more cops who will take care of petty crimes committed by inner city thugs and miscreants. Trump knows it’s also important to tackle these issues at their source; combating joblessness, and easing the education debt burden that prevents many from reaching for a better future.

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