Is Trump self-destructing?

The opposition, both on the right or the left, have been waiting for the Trump campaign to implode like kids waiting for Santa.

While they watch the polls like an advent calendar, Trump continues to hold his ground. Real Clear Politics has him at 40 percent. That’s only five points behind Clinton.

Battleground states like Iowa are showing a level playing field. It’s generally acknowledged that elections see points jump and slide between now and early November. It’s as normal as rain on an election day.

Need I remind you, that Bush the Senior was the last horse anyone wanted to bet on in August of 1988. Look how that turned out.

Michael Dukakis has slid down the political landscape into obscurity alongside George Wallace and Rufus King. If those names don’t ring a bell– I rest my case.

Bush, is the name you do know because he went on to win by seven points.

When you consider that last week was considered one of Trumps worst weeks ever, and it didn’t shake him off of his 40 percent foundation, there might be a much bigger chance of winning than anyone is giving him credit for.

Consider this:

There are three debates coming in late September and early October. Clinton is polished, but easily thrown off base by the truth. She relies on bumper-sticker slogans, which don’t hold up well under scrutiny. Debate hosts will have to be hard on her, if they want to keep their façade of neutrality in place.

Reality TV, live TV is Trumps home turf. No doubt there will be record audiences around the world. These could pull those numbers either way for both candidates.

Then, there’s the total possibility that Hillary just might hand him the election on a silver platter. She has managed to rub mud on the face of Bernie supporters. How else can you see it when she appoints Debbie Wasserman Schultz as her “honorary chair.” Seriously? She rewarded the woman that undercut, and conspired against their candidate.

These are passionate young college idealists. Add to that, she plays the too-dumb-to-know-better defense with her email. Umm. Yeah. That just proves to anyone under the age of 25, that she is either technologically ignorant or a liar—or both. 

Don’t think for a minute that those spurned Bernie fans won’t be watching what she wears to the debates either. Twitter erupted when she thought it was a good idea to lecture us about income inequality—sporting a $12,000 jacket.

Granted, Donald Trump is known to wear designer suits. I might add they cost several thousand dollars less than Hillary’s jacket. Not only that, but, well–he earned it. His message isn’t that it’s not fair that someone has something nice and you don’t—but rather, you can have one too.

That’s part of making America great again.

Do you support Donald Trump? Do you think he will destroy Hillary in the debates?

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