Trump recently told a group of religious, social conservatives he would eliminate the ban that bars churches from endorsing presidential candidates. The ban also affects other tax exempt groups on endorsing candidates as well. Donald Trump made a funny comment about being endorsed by churches. Trump spoke about his only chance to get through the pearly gates would be by freeing the churches.  

Since Trump has finished the GOP nomination, he has now turned his focus to his participation in the general election. The run against Hillary will end soon, Trump has been making his introductions to social conservatives. The introductions have been vital to the entire Republican party.  Trump recently addressed thousands of conservative voters and politicians at the 11th Annual Voters Summit.

Trump Speaks at 11th Annual Voter Summit, this is what he said. 

“The first thing we have to do is to give our churches their voice back,” Trump stated. “I will repeal the Johnson Amendment if I am elected your president.”

He then said jokingly he would also scrap the 1950’s era provision titled after Senator Lyndon B. Johnson. That’s when Trump said, “It’s the only way I am getting into heaven.”

One of the most frequently asked questions heading towards the elections is whether the social conservatives will support Trump or not. Will they rally along with the presidential nominee? After all he does have certain view points on abortion they don’t agree with, has two divorces, and had a high-profile extramarital affair in the nineties?

To nip the issue immediately, Trump displayed his kids. His children have been able to impress serious social conservatives and skeptics. He’s also drawn his support from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. The Indiana Governor is a respected Social Conservative and Donald’s running mate.

Also, Trump promises to uphold the Constitution, to defend Religious Liberty and end Obamacare. He also vowed to make the selection of new schools available to students stuck in poor schools.

And, Trump declared he would defeat ISIS.

“Let me state this upfront: in an Trump administration our Christian heritage will be protected, defended like you have never seen before,” stated Trump.

Rep. Michele Bachman also praised Trump’s stances on immigration, foreign policy and taxes. Then the presidential nominee surrounded himself with other high profile religious figures like Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council. The Council hosted the summit.

Trump Speaks at 11th Annual Voter Summit“On every single level if you look at the agenda that Donald Trump has put forward, it has been one that I as a Constitutional conservative, as believer in Jesus Christ, cannot only easily embrace, but readily embrace,” said Bachman.

Trump Speaks at 11th Annual Voter Summit along with others

Along with that, the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was heard to say, “Let’s lock arms and do what we can to elect Trump president of the United States.”

“The Left is launching an assault on our culture,” said Preibus. “They want to strip God out of the public square. Our nation’s religious heritage has helped make us what we are today. No America with religious convictions will have to bow at the altar of secularism if Donald Trump is president.”

Others said Donald Trump isn’t the best by their choice for the job, but they respect his lack of political correctness. They then said that the fact he’s not Hillary is a plus as well.

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