It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like if Walt Disney had never been born. Even Walt would likely continue to be astonished by his impact. More than 40 years after his death, the Walt Disney Company is bigger than ever.

Walt Disney was a wonderful influence on the world. Not only through his timeless movies and characters but through his words. Much has been written about Walt over the years, but his one words speak volumes.

Here’s a look at five of Walt Disney’s most memorable quotes:

“That’s the Real Trouble With the World, Too Many People Grow Up”

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Truer words have never been spoken. It’s an unfortunate fact that all of us have to grow up. But no one says you can’t stay young-at-heart. Some people may call it childish, but if no one kept their youthful sense of wonder, what would the world be? Who would create the amazing new Disney animated films? Who would design the new rides and attractions at Disney theme parks? Walt Disney is living proof that you can never be too old to think like a child.

“Why Worry? If You’ve Done the Very Best You Can, Worrying Won’t Make it Any Better”

It’s easy in today’s word to let life stress you out. Anxiety and stress only lead to pain (and ulcers), though. Walt is right. All you can do is always do your very best. The rest is up to fate. Life is far too short to spend your days worrying.

“All the Adversity I’ve had in My Life, All My Troubles and Obstacles, Have Strengthened Me… You May Not Realize it When it Happens, But a Kick in the Teeth May Be the Best Thing in the World for You.”

This is essentially Walt Disney’s version of “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.” And he’s right. It’s easy to procrastinate and fail to meet your life goals when things are going along great. It’s when you suffer a letdown that you strengthen your resolve. When you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.

“All Our Dreams Can Come True if We Have the Courage to Pursue Them”

This quote goes hand-in-hand with the previous quote. It’s easy to give up on your goals. Sometimes it feels better to just throw in the towel and say, “This is too hard.” If you’ve ever read about or heard about a self-made millionaire, you’ll realize the thing they have in common is that they never gave up. It takes courage to stay through the fight and not let life’s hardships drag you down.

“If You Can Dream it, You Can Do it. Remember, This Whole Thing Started With a Dream and a Mouse.”

And “this whole thing” has only gotten bigger since Walt Disney passed away. Today, the Walt Disney company has six theme parks on three continents. They own the most popular networks on television: ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel, Freeform, and more. Both Marvel Comics and the Star Wars franchise belong to them. All because Walt Disney had a little dream about a cartoon mouse.

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