FBI Strangely Releases Trump Real Estate Records From 1970’s in Effort To…


FBI Releases 400 Documents About Fred Trump

Donald & Fred Trump | Photo Credit Boston Globe

On Wednesday, the FBI decided to release 400 pages of records that were gathered during a 1970s investigation on the Donald Trump family’s real estate. The documents included interview notes, FBI statements, and so on from 1972-1974.

The paperwork was actually about Donald Trump’s late father, Fred Trump. The investigation revolved around allegations that the Trump Management Company discriminated against applicants based on race.

While the lawsuit was reported upon during the Presidential campaign…

FBI Has Decided To Come After Politicians

Bill Clinton | Photo Credit The Duran

The Democrats used this information to make an argument against Donald Trump as a candidate. Trump was the executive at the time and they are trying to say he was also a racist.

In 1975, the Justice Department settled the incident with Trump Management and decided there was no wrongdoing. In addition, they also agreed to rent to more minority applicants, which is an attempt at reverse racism.

The timing of this dump only continues to bring up questions regarding leaks of classified information to the media. A few weeks before the election, after a year of silence, the FBI’s Twitter account decided to release these documents about Fred Trump, despite the fact that the President’s father died way back in 1999.

Only a couple of days after that dump, the Twitter account also dumped records from a Justice Department inquiry about Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon for the billionaire turned fugitive, Marc Rich.

Why Did The FBI Choose To Release These Documents?

FBI | Photo Credit ABC News

To say the least, the timing of these Tweets are quite odd.

Wednesday’s documents regarding Fred Trump included statements from tenants who felt like Fred Trump discriminated against black renters. One supervisor apparently told an FBI agent, “Fred Trump told me not to rent to blacks.”

There are several other claims from various doorman and residents of the apartment complex. It would appear that the FBI is trying to uncover something that was disregarded nearly forty years ago.

Why is the FBI out to get Donald Trump?

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