When Michael Flynn resigned as President Trump’s National Security Adviser, there were more questions than answers. Allegations that Flynn had unethical contact with Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, launched the Trump-Russia probe that is still ongoing now. However, the timing made the situation even more curious and many saw the attack on Flynn as deliberate.

Michael Flynn | Photo Credit NBC News President Trump has echoed the same sentiments on several occasions, often referring to the Russia investigation as a “witch-hunt” by Democrats and the media. Now, it looks like the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Newly revealed documents and memos show that Flynn’s ousting was most likely political payback.

According to Circa, two years before he was named to a position in the Trump administration, Flynn was involved in a lawsuit filed against now-acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe. McCabe was accused by a highly-decorated female counterterrorism agent, under his command, of sexual discrimination.

Photo credit: NBC

Supervisory Special Agent, Robyn Gritz, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after receiving a negative performance rating from McCabe, the first in her 20 years with the agency. Working at the Pentagon at the time, Michael Flynn intervened on Gritz’s behalf and offered to testify in her case.

Flynn was immediately labeled as a “hostile witness” against McCabe, who was considered a rising star in the FBI during that time. The FBI proceeded to ask a federal administrative law judge to block Flynn from being a witness for Gritz. That same year, 2014, Flynn was forced out of the Defense Intelligence Agency by Obama.

Photo Credit: vulture.com

Flash-forward to 2017 where it gets even more interesting. The Senate, who had to have been aware of Flynn’s contact with Kislyak, confirmed him as Trump’s National Security Adviser. Shortly after, the FBI opens the Russia probe and the investigation into Flynn. That investigation was and continues to be, led by Andrew McCabe.

Bureau employees, who spoke to Circa only on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, said McCabe often expressed displeasure with Flynn and it “made them uncomfortable as the Russia probe began to unfold and pressure built to investigate him. The FBI agents’ suspicions grew when the intercepted conversation between Flynn and Kislyak, a highly-classified piece of evidence, suddenly leaked to the news media. That leak prompted Flynn’s resignation.


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