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President Trump’s eldest son has been very vocal on Twitter recently. First, he thanked Rachel Maddow in a sarcastic tweet, after her tax return fiasco. Then he shamed comedienne Chelsea Handler for her snide remarks on his sister-in-law’s pregnancy announcement. However, it is his tweet to London’s Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, that is drawing criticism.

BBC reports:

President Donald Trump’s son has come under fire for criticizing London’s mayor, shortly after a terror attack on the UK capital killed three people. Donald Trump Jr tweeted an article written last year, in which Sadiq Khan said terror vigilance had become “part and parcel” of life in a global city.

Mr. Trump quoted the headline and tweeted: “You have to be kidding me?!” He angered many Britons who accused him of exploiting the tragedy and implying the quotes were made after the attack.

Dozens were hurt in Wednesday’s attack when an assailant drove a car through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then fatally knifed a police officer who tried to stop him from entering the Houses of Parliament. He was then shot dead. Two hours later, Mr.Trump tweeted the article from the Independent newspaper.

Unfortunately, Britain is well-known for their…

Open-Border Policies

Donald Trump Jr | Photo Credit ABC News

Donald Trump Jr. was most likely referring to the fact that London has welcomed refugees and foreign immigrants without concern for proper vetting–or the safety of its citizens. We recently published a story on the alarming rise of Islam in both America and Europe.

British member of Parliament, Wes Steeling, was among many who criticized Mr. Trump’s tweet. Sterling called him a “disgrace” and accused him of using a terrorist attack for “political gain,” according to the BBC.

Sadly, liberals across the globe are finding the truth to be very painful. Unfortunately, they have yet to recognize that ignoring the truth about dangerous refugees is killing their countrymen. A fact Donald Trump Jr. and his father have had no trouble pointing out.

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