The United States Struck a deal with Russia back in 2000. Vladimir Putin and Russia signed a treaty, agreeing to destroy any plutonium that was stock piled to create nuclear bombs. The agreement was reconfirmed in 2010. Putin has decided against the treaty. He has just signed a decree suspending the deal because of a threat of strategic stability. He’s referring to unfriendly actions Russia has to take in order to secure urgent security measures.

In laymen’s terms, Russia is putting a stop to its participation in the reduction of nuclear weapons. The agreed terms were that each side was supposed to destroy 34 tons of plutonium. That would be enough plutonium to build 17,000 nuclear bombs.

Why Did Putin Pull Out of the Plutonium Deal?

In a statement given to the BBC, Putin said, “We fulfilled out duties and built enterprises. But our American partners did now.”

The Russian Government at the Kremlin accused the U.S. of backing out of the deal. Apparently the United States used a modified method of destruction in which the plutonium could still be used to build new weapons. Of course, the United States denied the accusations, stating the method was allowed under agreement. Could the Obama administration be trying to pull something just before the elections? A war with Russia would keep Obama in office and allow him to continue his regime.

It’s obvious: Obama doesn’t want to leave. And he definitely doesn’t want to see Trump in office. What would he be willing to do to further corrupt our relationship with Russia? A war with Russia would be a war that the world couldn’t handle in its current state of unrest.

Putin Backs Out of Plutonium Deal with the U.S.Putin is not a saint, but he does not take things lightly. My guess is, he has knowledge about the plans of the democratic party that many American’s don’t see. With Trump in office, we could count on re-establishing a relationship with Russia. The last thing the world needs is another cold war. Especially with the threat of global terrorism thrown into the mix.

Did America Lie to Russia?

Did America really use a modified way to destroy the plutonium to try to pull something under the noses of Russia? I can’t say, and neither can most of us. But with the elections closing in, and the potential victory of Trump looming on the horizon. There’s no telling what the democratic inner circle will do to keep them in power.

Russia and the U.S. are already on shaky grounds. And if Putin sees Obama as weak, he likely sees the same weakness in Hillary. If he feels threatened by either of the democratic, what will he be willing to do? It’s well known that Putin is not afraid of war. And he’s also not afraid to strike first. Let up hope that we can get Trump into office, smooth things out with Russia.

Can Russia and United States Beat Isis?

And work together with them to end ISIS, build better relations with Iran. And stop the threat of nuclear way forever. There’s an entire generation of children who do not deserve to be involved in this calamity that could potentially happen. It’s time to wake up to the truth and get the corrupt out of office by replacing them with a president of the people. And Trump would be a president of the people.

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