#1: She’s not afraid of the post-birth, makeup-free selfie.

She’s real, y’all! (Photo Credit:Instagram)

#2: She’s a realistic working mother in a world where many of us are shamed for working outside the home.

It’s hard out there for so many of us juggling home life and work life. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#3: She knows that her kiddo’s Halloween is important.

The cuteness! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#4: She looks like the rest of us working out – messy hair and all.

Messy hair, don’t care. (Photo Credit: Just Jared)

#5: And multi-tasking is a normal thing.

You gotta get those crunches in somehow! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#6: She knows that family photos don’t always go as planned.

Take two! (Photo Credit:Instagram)

#7: She plays with those Snapchat filters, too!

You do it too. Admit it ? 

#8: She’s not afraid to be seen with a baby carrier.

They are the most awesome things ever for babies. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#9: She gets excited over that first crawl.

And in the White House! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#10: She “duck face” selfies like the rest of us.

It affects everyone, the duck face! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#11: She’s super supportive of her father


Who is all kinds of awesome, by the way! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#12: She can be super silly at formal events.

That’s the same thing I would do if I were in a room full of politicians.

#13: She had a lovely – and modest – wedding gown

Which is great for those of us who want a gorgeous modest dress! (Photo Credit: People)

#14: She isn’t afraid of the dreaded bathrobe picture.

#15: And she’s not afraid of #TBT

If you were born in the ’80s, you probably had those shoes. I know I did. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#16: She knows that children’s birthdays are the best!

And the cakes always taste better, to-boot! (Photo Credit: Just Jared)

#17: And so is dinner with your little boy.

#18: And being the fun tourist is cool, too.

#19: She rocks the elevator selfie.

My elevator selfies never look this good! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#20: She knows when she’s the belle of the ball.

She was simply gorgeous that night! (source: AJC)

#21: And that pantsuits are comfy and awesome.

And they don’t have to be matronly! (Photo Credit: Just Jared)

#22: And so is the little black dress.

#23: She knows that comfy flats are where it’s at!

And practical in NYC (Photo Credit: Just Jared)

#24: And that there’s nothing wrong with being comfy whilst pregnant.

Because comfort is key here (Photo Credit: People)

#25: Her travel wardrobe looks likes most of ours.

Jeans? Check! Flip flops? Check! Yep – my travel wardrobe. (Photo Credit: People)

#26: She knows that dark, skinny jeans are the best thing ever.

#27: And so is the wrap dress.

Comfy and practical? Yes please! (Photo Credit: People)

#28: Ivanka is smart and grounded

And she has the best office view! (source: People)

#29: And she went down her own path

Which is something we all should aspire to do! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#30: She knows to keep family close.

As you should. (source: People)

#31: And your friends, too!

Theo’s baby shower! Adorable! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#32: Ivanka is not afraid that the camera will catch her looking fab and not glammed up.

Frizzy hair, don’t care ? (Photo Credit: Just Jared)

#33: Ivanka is an amazing role model for young ladies.

This country is lucky to have her! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

#34: We are so lucky to have Ivanka as a First Daughter!

She’ll make us proud! (Photo Credit: AJC)

#35: Keep Being Awesome, Ivanka!

You be you, Ivanka! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

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