Trump Needs a Nevada Win Again to Make up Ground in the Election

By Amber Bogdanowicz | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-25


The Republican nominee took to Nevada for the last presidential debate, a state that he is tied with Hillary Clinton.  They have a soft spot for the billionaire.

They gave him the win in the caucuses despite the fact that he didn’t have many seasoned volunteers behind him or a strong campaign.  

CNC/ORC reports that 46% of supporters will vote for Clinton, 44% will vote Trump, and the last 7% will vote for Gary Johnson. This is all despite the “Access Hollywood” tape showing Trump discussing the groping of women.  

Clinton struggles to close a win in Nevada.  Some democrats in the state has an issue with her stance on gun control issues and the Second Amendment.  Nevada has a big stake in Second Amendment issues. It is a key battleground state, one which supported Obama twice and where Trump has a history.  

Clinton Has the Advantage

Clinton clearly has the advantage, so Trump basically needs to win all the states won by Mitt Romney plus some of the blue states. States like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Virginia which are currently polling for Clinton.  

Trump is looking good in Iowa, but he really needs Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Nevada.  If all those states support him, he needs additional electoral votes that he hopes to gain in PA and Colorado. This may be troublesome as much of the Hispanic and Asian populations favor Hillary. 

Because she did what she could to register new Hispanic voters and is strong on citizenship, that is going to help her a lot.  Meanwhile, Trump’s comments about Mexicans and building a wall have helped them move away from him as the Democrats quickly.  

Nevada is also split by education level.  Trump has the support of white without advanced degrees who support him 58% to 33%. Clinton’s support from whites with advanced degrees is 49% to 41%.  Of course, she is also winning with the women. Trump is winning with the men.  

Money, Money, Money

Lots of Money.  Credit: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/money-isnt-everything
Lots of Money. Credit: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/money-isnt-everything

Clinton and the Democratic Party are definitely spending more money than Trump, according to reports.  In Nevada alone they spent $8.4 million plus $50 million for national cable.  Trump has only spent $2.5 million in Nevada.  

Brent Harger from Nevada says that this election is very important.  He said, “I’ve always been told my voice means nothing. I don’t believe that.  And there’s a lot of people that are scared to even say anything today because they don’t think their voice means anything.”  Harger, a retired mechanic, spends his time as a volunteer for Republican Party events.  

His wife, Lesley Harger, says that she can’t point out people doing bad things in her communitiy because she fears being charged with racial profiling.  She said, “We just keep our eyes open and we’re vigilant because of the way the terrorists, you know, are coming into our country.”  

They have two sons, one is 28 and the other is 30.  Both live at home still and they have had a hard time paying for college or getting good jobs. They believe in Trump’s message about immigration: “We can all enjoy each other’s multicultures — like we all like Mexican food, or we like all different kinds of food and things. But don’t come here and take. And that’s what I think I’m seeing — a lot of people are taking.”  

Trump and Clinton are arguing opposite sides of the same arguments, and it depends on what majority of the prospective states share those opinions. 

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