Trump Calls Out Hillary, Info From the Debates

Trump Calls Out Hillary, Info From the Debates

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-12

Trump called out Hillary during the debates. The Republican nominee, told Hillary it was time to start spending her own money on her campaign. He claimed that if Hillary would finally take care of herself, she could gain some independence and be able to free herself from those who make donations to her.

Clinton blasted the United States court decision that opened the way for different groups to spend money to promote elections. Hillary stated she would hire Supreme Court officials to change the ruling.

Trump Challenges Hillary

Trump also came back and said Clinton was controlled by the big money spenders. That he was not in any way under control like she is. Trump declared he would spend as much as $100 million of his own money. And challenged Hillary to spend $30 million of her own. $30 million is a small amount considering her and Bill have made about $250 million since Bill’s term ended in 2001.

Trump asked her why she was unwilling to spend her own money. Hillary refused to accept the challenge. Clinton is already winning against Trump when it comes to raising contributions for the campaign. Trump said that a majority of the money he is raising, is going to the GOP and that he is funding his own campaign for the most part.

Trump Calls Out Hillary, Info From the DebatesAnother moment that was powerful, was when both candidates were asked about each other by one of the attendees at the debate. Both candidates were asked if they could state one positive thing about each other.

Hillary was reluctant to say anything positive about Trump at all. Instead she went on to talk about Trump’s children. She talked about how appreciative she was of them, and how she understood being a mother and what it means to have children.

Trump Complimented Hillary

At no point did she say a single positive thing about Trump. Trump on the other hand, had nothing bad to say about Hillary at all. In fact, he came right out with a positive statement about Hillary. He respected the fact that Hillary was such a fighter. He talked about how Hillary never quit, she always pushed on and let nothing stand in her way from doing what she intended.

It was a pivotal moment, as it truly showed the level of commitment Trump has to being real, respectful and authentic. And at the same time, Hillary showed once again that she can’t rise above personal differences and give some respect to Trump for his commitment to his goals.

However, this really isn’t a surprise. Hillary has repeatedly belittled Trump and his followers. She attempted to apologize for her remarks about Trump followers being deplorable, but her fake smile made it difficult to accept the apology as sincere.

We have less than a month until the elections. There is another debate coming up on the 19th, it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Hopefully, more people will begin seeing the truth about Hillary and make the choice to vote for Trump.

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