Duck Dynasty Star Sadie Robertson Endorses Donald Trump

By Arthur Tubman | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-09

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is finally at the age where she has the opportunity to play her part in the presidential election. Just like her father, she has decided to jump on the “Trump Train”.

“It’s really cool this year because a lot of young people are really getting involved.” She took her time, and did her own research and discovered that Donald Trumps value aligned closest with hers. Even though she is not as politically engaged as her dad, she made it clear to all those watching that “politics is a touchy subject” and wanted to avoid getting too deeply involved, at least right now.

Following this, she mention “Haters, be nice!” and joked that she’s on a “no hater diet”. She has to mention this because of the criticism she has received in the past for her strong christian and conservative beliefs.

Despite this comment there is no doubt that the internet trolls, the critics, and the political junkies will jump on this as an excuse to break someone down.

However, Sadie has always remained very composed and well poised anytime she finds her self in such a situation. She truly does try to lead from the front, and set a good example for all the young girls out there.

Do you love Sadie Robertson as much as we do? Do you support her? Let us know in the comments below.

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186 Replies to “Duck Dynasty Star Sadie Robertson Endorses Donald Trump”

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