Hillary Gets Sued Again, This Time for Wrongful Death and Defamation


Hillary Gets SuedHillary got slapped again with another lawsuit on Monday afternoon.

This time it was from the parents of two Americans who were killed in Libya in 2012. The lawsuit was filed under defamation of character and wrongful death. Patricia Smith and Charles Woods were the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods. They claimed that Hillary’s use of the private servers was the main reason the fight broke out and contributed to the death of their children.

The second charge was defamation of character.

And they stated that Hillary’s public statements were rude, inconsiderate and outright lies. Both Smith and Woods were stationed in Benghazi. Woods was a security officer and Smith worked in information management. The Benghazi attack was provoked and made possible by Clinton’s careless use of her position and blatant disrespect for the security measures that were put in place to secure the compound.

Even though there has been no official release or documentation of Hillary’s role in the Benghazi attacks, the lawsuit is highly probable because there is a very strong chance Clinton sent secure information about the activities at the embassy to U.S. Ambassador Stevens.  

The FBI has still been able to prove that any hack was made against the Benghazi embassy and that it is possible hostiles gained access to the server via the emails sent by Hillary.

Hillary still claims the YouTube video created a high degree of controversy and was the provocation for the attacks. The parents of the two children that were killed stated that Hillary later denied making this statement all together and that the parents were lying.

Smith gave a speech at the Republican convention where she openly blamed Hillary for her son’s death. Both parents have been represented in Washington D.C. by Larry Klayman who oftentimes is heard speaking out against the Clintons.

Hillary Gets SuedNick Merrill of the Clinton Campaign made a public statement soon after the lawsuit was filed stating,

“While no one can imagine the pain of the families of the brave Americans we lost at Benghazi, there have been nine different investigations into this attack and none found any evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton.”

Klayman is also a member of Freedom Watch an organization who has been trying to keep the spotlight on the wrong doings of the Clintons for decades now with little success. It turns out they’re very good at covering things up and diverting attention elsewhere while they keep replaying the same actions mistakes against the American people. Hopefully some justice will finally be served and these parents can at least get some ease, knowing the person responsible for the death of their children (Hillary) will finally be punished for something.

  • LT

    Hillary is an EVIL villain. She should be in prison.

    • BleachBit_IT

      NUTS people actually think that Whoopie, and ALL those Celebrities will influence people? If they do they are all BLIND!!!

  • Godschild

    Hillary for PRISON !

  • jminsandiego

    NIck Merrill, who issued the passionate denial of Hillary’s guilt, is her paid gasbag.

    Nick may safely be ignored. (Don’t even ask him the time; go buy a watch.)

  • Jamie Jansen

    The nine investigations didn’t have access to the Emails that Hillary was so quick to delete. That is why she had a privite server hid in her basement. To be able to delete the evidence of any wrong doing she might have committed. Perjury is a serious offence and whether she knew it of not it is still against th law to destroy government letter and documents.

    • BleachBit_IT


  • SJW

    The fact she was never indicted when should have been, emails still being found long after investigations were done, perjury testifying before Congress, path of convenient deaths who knew too much about the Clintons, pay to play with companies, foreign countries and wealthy individuals, threats and fraudulently working within the DNC to win primaries that clearly Sanders won. There aren’t too many areas in life she hasn’t touched with her crooked and criminal actions. She and her husband (in name only) should be in prison. She has jeopardized our national security and lies continuously about everything.

    • BleachBit_IT

      The CLINTONS are the new MAFIA of the USA!

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