Was Clinton being fed lines through an earpiece during the debate?

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-18

Ever since the debate on September 26th with a staggering audience not seen since the Reagan vs. Mondale debate in the 1980s, the internet has been swirling with, some would say, outlandish conspiracy theories, or are they?

It’s no question that Hillary Clinton was ultra-prepared for the debate, the questions which were posed by NBC reporter Lester Holt didn’t really seem to register or matter in the Democratic candidate’s statements. In response to the questions being asked, Lester Holt was met with an empty, even vacuous look in Clinton’s eyes. Followed by a carefully crafted, previously rehearsed response, recited from memory and delivered at a forced cadence and tone to appear non-scripted.

Her answers seemed so robotic that there have even been rumors that Clinton was given the questions beforehand.  Although this is still just speculation, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the obvious bias Holt displayed in his handling of the debate.  At times delivering irrelevant questions for Trump and a free-pass attitude towards Clinton.

Although it cannot be proven, nothing is out of the question. 

As new stories surface that even Google, the world’s most used search engine, had stakes and biased political leanings, suppressing information on Clinton’s scandals. Some have even pointed to certain points in the debate, where Clinton itches her face, perhaps making it appear less obvious that she was listening to an ear piece. A picture that has garnered widespread attention from the online community has been circulating which depicts Clinton bent over; what’s peculiar about the picture is that the back of her shirt is outlined by a extremely curious cord that begins from her neck then extends along her spine to her lower back, met by a large box-looking shape. Maybe it’s an extra microphone just in case her main one malfunctioned, or maybe it’s something else entirely.

Many have speculated that the device under Clinton’s shirt could be a Com Tech RC-216; a communications device which allows the user to receive direct communication from people in another location.  In this case, someone off-stage.

Credit: AP


  • the deletion of over 33,000 emails that we know of
  • scrambled data that was deliberately compromised to cover up her tracks
  • a failed war in Libya
  • support for a failed invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and
  • a serious blunder that costed four Americans their lives in Benghazi,

Is it out of reach to suspect that perhaps, Crooked Hillary is up to her devious ways?

Of course all of this is suspect to be ruled out.  But as the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton inches closer and closer to Judgement Day, Clinton’s track record and habitual lying has highlighted an innate distrust the American people have towards her.

Clinton’s compromising deals seem to have no bounds.  From the likes of mega-banks, insurance companies, and outside foreign investors interested in making a quick buck or a long term investment.  The list is endless.

Trump knows he’s fighting an uphill battle.  If the American people stand together and fight the rigged system Hillary and the Democrats are so desperate to uphold, Trump stands a chance to finally defeat Crooked Hillary and her tired attempts for unending power. 

Are you prepared to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by voting TRUMP?

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