Donald Trump Polls Update: 19 Point Lead over Hillary Clinton with veterans and military personnel


There has recently been a lot of media coverage about Donald Trump’s view on veteran soldiers and military personnel. Until the following recent polls were taken, it was thought Hillary was in the winning seat with our veterans. Turns out that’s not true. Donald Trump has won the veteran voters hearts by a landslide. Below are the recent numbers from online polls.

According to the polls Trump won over Hillary 55% to 36%. The numbers are from a poll taken by NBC News online. Most veterans and military personnel have a much better feeling about Donald Trump. They made it clear they did not want to see Hillary win the elections in November.

Many veterans said they would feel comfortable with Trump as the commander-in-chief. And that he would be an effective leader for our country’s military. They also said they would not be comfortable with Hillary being the commander-in-Chief. Nor would they trust her to lead the armed forces in an effective way. Could the doubt they have in the Democratic nominee be related to her potential slip up with classified information related to Benghazi?

Another poll taken related to veteran laws reported Trump had 28% more support then Hillary when it comes to veteran affairs. Clinton took the lead when it came to the responsible use of nuclear weapons. Many people believe Trump could trigger a nuclear war if elected president. Could Trump be aggressive enough to spark a nuclear war? Let’s hope not for all of our sake.

Donald Trump Polls UpdateDo any of these numbers make a difference when it comes to the elections in November? Not entirely because there are other numbers that matter. The reality is these numbers could matter. But if we look at recent history, Romney had the veteran vote by 20 points. That statistic is according to an election survey performed by the American National Election Studies.


Donald Trump Polls Update in Conclusion

Also, in 2008 the Republican Nominee John McCain won veteran votes by 10 points. In 2004, George Bush won it by 16 points, so the final decision could or could not depend on veteran voters. Trump will most likely have to win more than just the veterans if he intends to win the presidential elections in November. He’s been working hard as of recently however to win the minority vote. And still had a little over two months to climb even further up the ladder of vote support.

What do you think about the presidential candidates? Who is the better supporter for our troops? And who will be the best commander-in-chief for our armed forces? If you have an opinion on any of these subjects, leave your thoughts below in the comments. Then ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ to show your support for Trump and the Republican party of the United States of America.