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Decreasing Dependency

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For years, hard-working Americans have been struggling through job loss and a downtrodden economy. Adding to their worry, were the unnecessarily high tax burdens they faced resulting from increasing illegal immigration. Unfortunately, many of the illegals come to America for a better life and wind up depending on the country’s citizens to pay for it.

Thankfully, it looks like relief is on the way. The Washington Post reported that food stamp use is down, due in large part to President Trump’s tough immigration orders. The story itself focused on the plight of illegals who are allegedly “going hungry” out of fear of deportation.

“In the two months since President Trump’s inauguration, food banks and hunger advocates around the country have noticed a decline in the number of eligible immigrants applying for SNAP – and an uptick in immigrants seeking to withdraw from the program.”

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In 2014, 5.4 million seniors didn’t have enough food. 13.1 million children were also in danger of not having enough to eat. It happens because there simply aren’t enough resources to take care of everyone. It has become imperative for the government to…

Draw the Line

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The USDA reported that 1.5 million illegal immigrants used food stamps in 2015. This is one of the reasons the president’s plan to put “America First” is necessary. Citizens should be able to get what they need–when they need it

With a staggering 60% of illegals and refugees still dependent on social support programs after five years, the system would eventually become unsustainable. Ultimately leading to a crisis far worse than what is happening now. Ending illegal immigration is the best way to avoid this major disaster.

As reported by Breitbart back in January, Trump sought to include a stipulation in his immigration orders that “the use of government benefits would be grounds for deportation.” A move fully supported by Robert Rector from the Heritage Foundation who said:

“I don’t think it’s proper to increase the burden on U.S. taxpayers for people whose only claim to them is that they broke our law.”


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