BREAKING: New Presidential Poll Stuns Media

By Jeff Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-23

Over the course of the last couple weeks liberals and the main stream media monster have been raving about how the presidential race is over, triumphantly declaring that their democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has let the republican nominee Donald Trump in the dust.

It would be hilarious to be able to capture the moment when they are hit with the harsh reality that the most recent results of the L.A. Times/USC “Daybreak” tracking poll showed a much different story than the one the liberal media has been spouting about.

According to Conservative Tribune,

Instead of Clinton pulling to a decisive lead while Trump’s campaign allegedly implodes, the race is actually a virtual tie with Trump holding a one point lead, 44.6 – 43.5 percent.

When those results are broken down into the various sub-demographics, it is easy to see exactly where the support for the two candidates is coming from.

By age, Trump’s support seems to come from voters aged 35 to 64, and even more so from voters over the age of 65. Clinton’s support largely derives from those voters in the 18-to-34 range.

When it comes to education level, Trump wins handily among voters with a high school degree or less, and even among those with some college education. Clinton wins among those who’ve graduated college or pursued higher levels of education at the progressive indoctrination centers known as American universities.


Democrats will attempt to fool you that the race is already finished, but in reality that’s very, very far from the truth. Nothing matters until the last vote is submitted, and Trump or Hillary is officially elected.

If the polls are any glimpse into how close the race really is then libs shouldn’t count their chickens just yet.

What do you think of the most recent polls? Do you support Donald Trump?

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