Donald Trump Stands Up for Second Amendment: Right to Bear Arms Could be ABOLISHED if Hillary Gets Her Way


It’s no surprise that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has continuously lobbied for stricter regulations on gun control. She’s basically against the right for an American to bear arms.  It seems the Democratic presidential candidate has forgotten the foundations on which this country is based on i.e the second amendment. In a recent rally in Willmington, Delaware Trump stated that if Clinton becomes president, then pro-gun rights activists can essentially say bye-bye to their right to bear arms. Without a doubt, Hilary’s choice of Supreme Court Judges will be left-leaning. They will act as Hilary’s political arm in the higher courts.

On Jan 6, 2016 she is quoted as saying,

“I’ll take on the gun lobby and fight for reforms to keep guns away from terrorists, domestic abusers, and other violent criminals”                                                                 -Hillary Clinton

Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke
Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

It’s interesting that Crooked Hillary would state that she would make an effort to keep guns away from terrorists, when her very politics involves making deals to sell weapons as Secretary of State.  She funded and armed ‘rebel’ groups in the Middle East and Libya who have now become terrorists themselves. Her policies of self-interest put Americans in danger.  And nowhere could this prove to be more crucial than with the Second Amendment. Amidst recent public shootings and violent tragedies in America, Clinton has wasted no time to define a political agenda that has been on the minds of neo-liberal democrats for quite some time. Just recently, a knife wielding Japanese man murdered 19 people in a clinical hospital in the generally peaceful far east nation. Should we all blame knives, too?

At a recently rally, Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters and warned them of Clinton’s insatiable urge to disarm Americans, calling for a large turnout come election time.

Unsurprisingly, the media took Trump’s comment and twisted it into a threat against Clinton’s life. Trump quickly tweeted afterwards clearing any confusion and setting the record straight. He stated that all activists must come out in droves come election time, lest the American public face Clinton’s liberal agenda and its nefarious policies.

“Her (Clinton’s) attempts to abolish the second amendment must be thwarted”, Trump said. Using national tragedies like Orlando and Sandy Hook to further her political agenda is flat-out ‘unconscionable’ Trump exclaims.

Abolishing the freedom to bear arms is the definitive factor in establishing a corrupt agenda.  It will allow the government the only social structure able to carry weapons.

If Hillary Clinton is able to use the sway of the national media in order to change the constitution, there is little that could stand in her way to achieve her neo-liberal goals to subdue and undermine the American population.

This is what’s at stake:

  • the people’s freedom to defend themselves
  • to define their domain as their own, and
  • to limit the stretch of government,

And in doing so defining the freedom that makes the Second Amendment so crucial.

This constitutional law is what makes America what it is. The government might as well knock on your door and knock down walls in your living room. Furthermore, it’s like having the government redecorate as they please.