Joshua Witt went out for a milkshake. What he returned with were bloody clothes and stitches. He is fortunate he made it home at all. You see, Witt’s attacker believed his hairstyle choice made him a neo-Nazi. So, he tried to kill him. Photo credit: Facebook

This is the leftist dream for America.

Witt, who is 26-years old, went to Steak n’ Shake in Sheridan, CO to grab a milkshake. When he exited his vehicle, he was greeted by a man armed with a knife. “All I hear is, are you one of them neo-Nazis? as this dude is swinging a knife up over my car door at me,” Witt told the New York Post.

“I threw my hands up and once the knife kind of hit, I dived back into my car and shut the door and watched him run off west, behind my car,” Witt added. “The dude was actually aiming for my head.” Witt, who has no tattoos and is avowedly not a racist, believes his haircut prompted the attack. 

Could there be someone else to share the blame?

The long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-sides style, like Witt’s, is often likened to someone being a Nazi by mainstream media. In 2016, The Washington Post posted an article titled “Does this haircut make me look like a Nazi?”

The article starts out by saying…

Joshua Witt, 2016. (Photo credit: Facebook)

“We need to talk about a haircut. Also about identity, and hatred, and maybe about the total end of American civilization — but first about a haircut.”

The liberal slanted Buzzfeed, posted a story last week celebrating the rap music artist, Macklemore, for cutting his “Hitler youth” style. He now sports a buzz cut, which he happily showed off in a picture with Martha Stewart. It seems there is nothing fascist about hanging-out with people who flip-off pictures of President Trump.

Photo credit: Instagram

Witt is reportedly thinking about changing his hairstyle after the attack. Because, in America, you now have to check your clothes, haircut, tattoos, cars, thoughts, etc. before you go out for a milkshake. Wonder what else we’ll have to give-up so we aren’t murdered by a knife-wielding leftist lunatic?

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