Innocence Lost

Photo Credit: We recently published a story on the 14-year old Maryland high school student who was allegedly raped and sodomized by two illegal immigrants. The brutal attack has drawn outrage from both citizens and government officials.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Maryland House passed legislation, just four days after the rape, that will make MD the first “sanctuary state” in America. A Fox News Special Report highlighted the growing tensions.

Fox News’ Doug McKelway interviewed the defense attorney for Henry Sanchez-Milian, who was one of the teenagers accused of the rape. The 17-year old was allowed into the country by immigration officials in Texas-after being caught at the Mexican border.

Milian’s attorney told McKelway that his client is “innocent” and the sex was “consensual”. He also added that there was no physical evidence to support the young victim’s claims. However, local authorities disagree and assert that evidence, such as blood and bodily fluids, collected at the scene indicates “no consent whatsoever.”

Further complicating the case, is anger over the lax immigration policies of the former Obama administration and liberal Maryland politicians. ICE has placed a detainer hold on both suspects in the case, but some are concerned that law enforcement will…

Have Their Hands Tied

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The Maryland bill will provide sanctuary for illegals across the state and is dangerous, according to Governor Mark Hough. Hough told McKelway that the bill would prevent law enforcement from cooperating with ICE regardless of the threats:

“When our law enforcement arrests somebody their hands would be completely tied, as far as working with ICE and federal authorities. Even if these people are dangerous, terrorists, or gang members. No matter what they are, this bill has no exceptions.”

The bill’s sponsor, Marice Morales, says, “nothing in the bill would prevent criminal illegals from being prosecuted.” Seems she missed the fact that just being in the country illegally is a crime. A crime for which they would not be prosecuted under her bill.

Watch the full interview:

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