The overly dramatic politically directness of today has pretty much gone too far. Not only do we celebrate every action in a child’s life with participation trophies, but now Disney is forcing pirates to live to a higher standard.

Pirates | Photo Credit Disney

The swashbuckling actions behind Davy Dones’ locker are about to be no more. The ride used to include an auction block of females and the banner that must be adjusted used to read, “Auction — take a wench for a bride…”

The banner will be replaced by something less offensive next year as it seems like a Pirate’s history must be altered not to offend anyone…

Pirates Last Attraction That Walt Disney Helped Designed

Pirates Attraction | Photo Credit LA Times

The LA Times writes:

“On Tom Sawyer Island, the mock frontier rifles were removed along with the victim of an Indian arrow, who lay sprawled for years in front of a burning settler’s cabin. For several years, the skippers in the Jungle Cruise were not allowed to blast a fake revolver at the animatronic hippos in the river until visitor complaints forced Disney to re-arm the cruise ship captains and give them the green light to fire at will.”

“But the Pirates attraction, the last ride that Walt Disney himself helped design before he died in 1966, may have been reined in the most to conform to a more politically correct world — a tricky task given the ride’s original rowdy spirit.”

Ride To Be Altered, But Not Replaced

Artist Rendering | Photo Credit Disney

Gizmodo writes:

“Kathy Mangum, a Walt Disney Imagineering executive, announced that the Pirates of the Caribbean rides at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland Paris will update the Mercado auction scene to no longer be a parade of tied-up women being sold off to pirates as “wives,” although we know that’s basically sexual slavery.”

“A Disney Parks rep confirmed to us that the auction scene is being changed, as reported, but won’t go away entirely.”

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