Russian President Vladimir Putin has been largely blamed for the hacking of the DNC email server, by the Democratic Party. 

The Kremlin has taken the brunt of the blame. However, Putin says that he nor the Kremlin hacked DNC just to throw the vote to Donald Trump. He added, that Trump is what the normal population “who don’t like that power is being transferred by inheritance” needs.  

Russia Thinks Trump Is What The People Need

Putin admitted that Trump “is, of course, extravagant.” He added, “He simply represents the interests of simple people who criticize those who have been in power for decades.”  Donald Trump isn’t the typical politician. Therefore, he offers a unique perspective.  

Russians for Trump

Putin and Trump. and Trump.

The Democrats like to think that Russia is trying to support Donald Trump, and is provoking the hacking and leaking of DNC emails. Putin says that the Russian support for Donald Trump exists as a result of fabricated support by Western media. He says that it’s part of a “political battle, an attempt to manipulate public opinion on the eve of elections.” 

He also believes that the Kremlin would want any candidate who wants to improve things with Moscow. Putin said, “For us, it doesn’t really make a difference but of course we can’t not welcome words, thoughts, intentions that are publicly expressed about normalizing relations between the U.S. and Russia.”

A Democracy that Doesn’t Fit

Historically, the Kremlin doesn’t care for “the democratization agenda pursued oversees by the US.”  Putin has said before that Washington uses democracy as a way to change regimes to what they desire. He doesn’t believe that Moscow would have an impact on the elections.

He explained, “Does anybody seriously think that Russia could somehow influence the choice of the American people?  Is it a banana republic or something? America is a great power.”

International Interference

In early October, U.S. intelligence agencies accused Russians of interfering in the elections by releasing those emails. Putin said that political issues were “watered down.”  He said, “Elections have stopped being an instrument of change, and have been reduced to scandals, to mudslinging, to questions of who pinched whom and who is sleeping with whom.”  

He added that the West propels false claims of the power of the Moscow military. He explained, “It’s truly a profitable activity. This way they can push through new military budgets in their countries, they can bend allies to the interests of one superpower, they can expand NATO and move its infrastructure, troops, and equipment closer to our borders.”

Russia and the West

The relationship between Russia and the Western part of the world are only getting worse when the Ukrainian conflict began in 2014. The U.S. is unhappy with Russia due to the fact that they have been particularly aggressive in Syria to destroy ISIS. The U.S. wants to discuss suspension for a cease-fire in Syria because the U.S. believes Russia is working with Syria.

Putin believes that the U.S. is responsible for the Syrian cease-fire because politics got in the way of the deal. Putin elaborated, “In Washington there were forces who did everything so that these [agreements over Syria] were not implemented in practice. It would have seemed that after lengthy negotiations, huge efforts, and difficult compromises, we would have finally formulated a united front against terrorism, but that’s not what happened.”

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