Targeting Resources

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What is the best way to inflict physical and financial harm on millions of people? It’s fairly simple, just poison crucial resources. This is the latest marching order given to Islamic State supporters in the West. ISIS is urging followers to lethally contaminate food supplies in American grocery stores.

Grocery shopping is going to be a lot more difficult now.

In recent days, several channels linked to ISIS cells have been posting messages urging new attacks in Europe, Russia, and the United States. New attacks are to mark the celebration of the Islamic “Sacrifice Feast,” Eid al Adha, A series of IS English-language articles on jihad, call fo injecting food with cyanide.

Seems like, the terrorist group is testing this method on prisoners using them as “human guinea pigs. The poison inflicts enormous amounts of suffering for victims and results in a horrendously painful death. Documents found by Iraqi military personnel in Mosul, outline the heinous experiments.

Also, according to the reports verified by U.S. and British intelligence, prisoners are having their food and water contaminated. ISIS fighters were sprinkling chemicals found in basic pesticides, on top of meals and in the water. To say an attack of this magnitude on America would be catastrophic, is an understatement.

Threats at Home

ISIS Soldiers | Photo Credit NBC

U.S. and Iraqi forces are making great strides in the fight against ISIS abroad. However, despite heavy losses in Syria and Afghanistan, the group is increasing threats towards the West. Their most recent propaganda video, uses a young American boy as their mouthpiece. 

But, they aren’t the only ones making plans. 

Similarly, in the August edition of their Inspire magazine, Al-Qaeda leaders are calling for attacks on America. Although, their video alludes to bombs being placed on both trains and subways. “Simple to design,” the promo said. “It will cause great destruction to the Western economy and transportation sector.”

To sum it up, destroying our food, water, and transportation systems would no doubt result in severe hardships and economic ruin. It would be as they say in horse racing, a “trifecta.” But, perhaps what is most frightening, is that it is all very possible. 


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