Fugitive Captured After Week-Long Manhunt

Joseph Jakubowski | Photo Credit Fox News Joseph Jakubowski has been captured after he robbed a gun shop and sent a 161-page manifesto to the White House, which also threatened the president. The fugitive was caught camping on his father’s property in Wisconsin.

Considered armed and dangerous, Jakubowski allegedly stole 18 firearms in a gun shop near Janesville, Wisconsin, back on April 4. The man has been running from the law ever since.

In addition to being armed and dangerous, his manifesto was full of anti-religious and anti-government teachings. Many churches closed on Palm Sunday but thankfully will be open for Easter, now that the fugitive has been caught.

Jakubowski Arrested On April 13th 

Fox News reports:

“Authorities say they have now arrested this man, Joseph Jakubowski. He had been accused of stealing guns and writing an anti-government manifesto, and apparently made some threats against the President. He was picked up in Janesville, Wisconsin, around 9:30 pm, last night, April 13th.”

“Investigators were sent to that location, along with tactical support to assist the local authorities to determines whether or not he was related to this ongoing manhunt. He has now been apprehended and taken off the streets. That’s somebody they have been looking for, for some time.”

Rock County Sheriff’s Office Ecstatic Over Arrest

Joseph Jakubowski | Photo Credit USA Today

ABC News reports:

“The Rock County Sheriff’s Office is “ecstatic,” to have Jakubowski in custody, officials said, adding that they expected the capture to involve a shootout. Officials said 100 to 125 officers were involved in taking Jakubowski into custody, including some officers who were stationed at 10 homes for protection.”

“The witness was crucial,” Vernon County Sheriff John Spears said this morning. “He could have just said, ‘Get off my property,’ and that be it, but he didn’t.” Officials did not say where the weapons Jakubowski allegedly stole are now. No one was hurt during the capture, officials said. Jakubowski is being taken back to Rock County for further investigation and charges, officials said.”

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