“Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court goes on forever.” — William Taft

  • Illegal Immigration
  • Religious Freedoms
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Education

These are all topics the Supreme Court will likely hear in the coming year. Their decisions will be fundamentally important in shaping the future of America. Democrats are desperately trying to make sure the majority doesn’t rule.

Filling Supreme Court Vacancy Is a Priority

Voters are very concerned about the future of the Supreme Court. Or with their decisions at least. According to a Pew research study, 66% of voters polled view the SCOTUS vacancy as extremely important. And so they should.

Source Credit: wikimedia.orgSource Credit: wikimedia.org

The untimely death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia came as a blow to conservatives. Obama saw it as an opportunity to push his socialist agendas. The potential for having a very liberal SCOTUS became both real and frightening.

It is the job of Supreme Court justices to uphold the Constitution, but recently, liberal judges have bordered on rewriting our nation’s highest law. Their decisions are harming the many to protect the few. The left is determined to keep it this way.


Democrats Demanding “Mainstream” Nominee

According to a recent report, Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer is vowing to fight “tooth and nail” against Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. While Republicans control the Senate, House, and the presidency, they do not have the 60 senate votes to stop a filibuster by Democrats.

Source Credit: politico.comSource Credit: politico.com

Schumer notes that if Trump’s nominee is mainstream (code word for liberal) they will not say no automatically. But, if they are conservative, the battle is on.

Ironically, Schumer made the same promise in 2007, when he urged other Senate democrats to block President Bush’s nominee, John Roberts.

Many times in recent decades, Democrats attempted to block Republican nominees from appointment. Ten times in fact. Problems caused by Democrats is nothing new.

But, this stunt may be more about retaliation than reason.

Conservatives Deny Merrick Garland

After Scalia’s death, Obama jumped at the chance to fill his spot. His choice is Merrick Garland. A liberal judge who vehemently opposes the 2nd Amendment. Garland would, without a doubt, tip the balance of the high court for Democrats.

Republicans refused to hold hearings on his nomination in a turbulent election year. They knew that giving in to Obama meant giving up on America’s future. My colleague, Brock Swinson, notes there is slight chance Obama could still appoint Garland to the court. But, based on Schumer’s threat, it is safe to presume Garland is out.

Trump’s Supreme Court

President-elect Trump’s Supreme Court will look very different from an Obama SCOTUS. Justices will have an opportunity to uphold the law again. More concern for fairness and common sense will replace concern with pushing agendas.

In choosing Donald Trump, the people clearly defined the future they want to see. They are choosing traditional values such as faith, family, and freedom over socialism and tyranny. Americans want a Supreme Court that upholds the principles this country was founded on.

Trump appreciates that SCOTUS is the cornerstone of our democracy. Without which, anarchy would ensue. We can be certain that his nominee will be dedicated to the rule of law, not to rewriting the law.

What do you think about the Democratic vow to stonewall Trump’s Supreme Court nominee?

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