3With so many fans, Sadie Robertson (I’m sure) could get tired of all the attention she gets in public. It’s difficult to be nice all the time. 

Sadie Robertson (source: CNS News)

But that thinking may have backfired on Sadie.

She has 2.8 million Instagram followers, nearly 600,000 Facebook likes, and over 1.8 million Twitter followers. That’s a lot of people to potentially interact with, both online and in real life. 

And that’s just it — social media isn’t real life.

“You don’t get to choose the best part of you to show people,” Sadie says on Instagram.  “You don’t get to choose a filter. What’s crazy is that we as humans compare our lives to the ones we see on social media… after the filter, the editing, the lighting.”

But when real life and social media collide it can be ugly. Sadie knows this.

“I got some hate recently on a picture of mine,” she said. “I posted a picture of me smiling on a day that I had been having a very tough day. A lady commented on my page saying that they had seen me that day and I apparently was very rude when her daughter asked for a photo.”

And this can be tough for Sadie, or any celebrity. Every time you’re in public, you have to be on. You have to smile and pretend like everything is okay even if it isn’t.

Because people are watching.

“After so many years of taking pictures with people, one moment of weakness determined the impression this lady will forever have on me,” Sadie continues. “What the lady saw on my page that day was a joyful 19-year-old having a good day, but what she saw in person was a 19-year-old who was experiencing hurt, confusion, and just frankly having a bad day.”

Fortunately, Sadie had the humility to reach out to this lady and apologize. And apparently, Sadie has learned a life lesson from this occurrence. 

“I want to encourage you in telling this story that YOU ARE just human,” she posted online. “You are going to mess up. You are going to have moments of weakness. You are going to have tough days. Don’t dwell on them. Don’t let them stop your life. Don’t let them determine your reputation.


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