American Missile Defense Plans To Eradicate North Korean Threats

The White House | Photo Credit Huffington Post

Americans Gear Up Defense Methods

As Kim Jong Un and North Korean leaders continue to march towards a nuclear-armed ballistic missile that can reach the United States, Americans have started to consider new ways to stop this threat.

The White House | Photo Credit Huffington Post

U.S. Military, Congress, and American technological companies are working together to prevent attacks from ground, air, sea, or space. Military planners believe the greatest benefit to save lives will be to stop the North Korean threat.

“Missile defense buys you time and opens windows,” said Aerospace Security Project director Todd Harrison.

North Korea Attempts To Hit American Soil

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USA Today writes:

“North Korea’s latest missile launch on July 4 was its first intercontinental ballistic missile. The Hwasong-14 had a maximum range of about 4,163 miles, meaning it could hit targets in Alaska but not the contiguous U.S. mainland or the larger islands of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.”

“The North Korean government said its missiles can hit anywhere in the world with a nuclear warhead, but the U.S. government doubts the regime of Kim Jong Un has developed a miniaturized warhead or delivery vehicle needed to accomplish that.”

“North Korea may be only a year or so away from that feat, according to U.S. estimates, which is why the Pentagon is stepping up its anti-missile program.”

Global Action To Stop Global Threats

Kim Jong-Un | Photo Credit Getty

CNN writes:

“Global action is required to stop a global threat,” Tillerson said. “Any country that hosts North Korean guest workers, provides any economic or military benefits, or fails to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions is aiding and abetting a dangerous regime.”

“Tillerson’s statement comes days after the US announced it was cutting financial ties between US banks and China’s Bank of Dandong, which the administration claims acts as a pipeline to support alleged illicit North Korean financial activity. “We will cut the money off to North Korea until they behave properly,” said US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.”

  • Kenneth Brahmer

    If it was NK telling the USA what it could and could not have, build, own etc…how would we react? NK is a sovereign country. Nuclear weaponry gives them a seat at the big table. It is inevitable that nuclear abilities will extend to almost every nation and equally inevitable that accidents will occur. That is the future that must be faced as we will live in an irradiated world and atmosphere. Let us focus on survival as a nation when it comes. It would be better to make them an offer they can’t refuse or an incentive to abort their interest in weaponry…for now…but another country will do the same…and so on. A comprehensive plan must be given serious consideration.

    • Anonymous

      Brilliant, let’s start building underground instead of stopping the poliferation of WMD’s. We lead the world not hide from little punk tyrants. Dig your hole and try to stay in it for a few years snowflake, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    If you give a finger they would want your arm!
    Everytime you give a consideration THEY will want a larger consideration! There would be no end or happy solution to this problem! The old adage that might is right comes into play here! As long as America has the means to stop adversity America has an obligation to themselves and the rest of the world to stop and prevent hazardous situations!

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