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American Veterans | Photo Credit Next Level Gives In accordance with federal law, government agencies are required to give preferential consideration to veterans who apply for open positions. Naturally, he or she must be qualified to perform the job requirements. But, former president, Barack Obama, was notorious for playing by his own rules and he never did have respect for the law or the military.

Now, the truth has come out showing exactly how little regard he had. In 2015, Obama’s Department of Justice had two vacancies in their International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program. Two veterans applied for the open positions and justice department officials tried to force them to withdraw their applications.

According to documents from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the DOJ had their sights sets on two non-veteran candidates and did their level best to rid themselves of the veterans. Of course, being veterans used to battle they refused to withdraw their applications. Human resources then told upper management at ICITAP that they would have to hire the veterans.

However, they were not pleased so they went so far as to cancel the initial job posting. Then almost a year later, they re-listed the openings with language that specifically…

Excluded Veterans

Source credit: Freedom News

According to the OSC report, the ICITAP’s mission is “to work with foreign governments to develop law enforcement institutions in support of U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives.” This leads one to question why they wouldn’t want a veteran with military experience filling the role.

Most likely, they didn’t want them because they wouldn’t have made “good little followers.” Lord knows there was no room for anyone who believed in honesty and integrity in Obama’s administration. Certainly not in Loretta Lynch’s justice department. 

Ultimately, the OSC concluded that the discrimination against the veterans violated multiple laws, including prohibitions against seeking to influence candidates to withdraw from competition and recommending hiring against veterans’ preference requirements. DOJ officials were reprimanded for their actions and required to undergo additional training.

Thankfully, they are gone now. That’s what we call justice.


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