George Clooney Worried About Family From English Countryside. 

After the terror attacks in England, George Clooney has decided to move his wife Amal and the kids back to Los Angeles, California.

One insider said that the actor doesn’t feel safe with his family living in the English countryside.

George Clooney | Photo Credit Life And Style

The source has said that safety has become a major issue over the years. The Oscar winner “has been subject to very serious threats in the past,” according to a person close to the family.

Some of these threats have occurred because of Clooney’s work as a humanitarian in places like Darfur, Sudan. Amal, his wife, is also an international human rights lawyer, which could make her a potential target as well.

Protecting Family, No Matter What

George Clooney | Photo Credit Getty

Life and Style reports:

“When George learned that he was going to be a father, those concerns went into overdrive. “As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement,” the insider adds. “His mansion in Studio City [Calif.] was deemed the most secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station. He’s waited so long for this family,” the insider continues. “He’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.”

Clooney Considers Moving Back To Los Angeles

George Clooney | Photo Credit Business Insider

Daily Mail reports:

“He’s made a home for his family in their stunning £20 million property in Sonning-On-Thames, Berkshire. Yet George Clooney is said to be considering relocating from the English countryside to Los Angeles as he fears for the safety of wife Amal and their newborn twins.”

“Following the birth of Ella and Alexander last month, the doting new dad, 56, has reportedly been increasingly worried about the level of security in their homes”

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