These days on Big Bang Theory Penny is rocking the married life, and she’s killing the game with her pharmaceutical career.

However, that hasn’t always been the case.

For most of Big Bang Theory Penny lived a pretty typical college kid lifestyle. She reminded us of our old college days, drinking at all hours, hanging on by a thread, and cramming in the wee hours of the night.

Like that time she totally had her priorities in line…

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In college it’s important to keep up with current events…like which Kardashian just had a major break up, or which sorority was recently put on probation.

Or the time she justified her drinking…

College is totally all about studying…and finding a reason to throw a party. You can justify drinking with anything in college- pre finals bash, last day of classes party, 8 am tailgates, Halloween week long fiestas….the list goes on.

Don’t forget her erratic sleep schedule…

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Be honest– in college, you didn’t have anything resembling a healthy sleep cycle. You’d wake up for an 8 am, stay up til 3 studying, wake up the next day at 2 pm hit the dining hall at 6, fall back asleep at 4 am… You basically had no idea what a schedule was, and you definitely didn’t wake up before 10 if you didn’t have to.

Finals Week

You probably looked a lot like Penny during finals week…

Remember when Penny got stuck in the world of online gaming and came out on the other side looking like she’d been through a wind tunnel of spaghetti sauce? Yeah, that was pretty much all of us during finals week in college. You’d binge on study guides, camp out in the library, survive on Oreos and coffee, and finish the week not remembering anything.

Thanks Penny, for reminding us of some of the greatest years of our lives…and also why we definitely never want to go back…

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